Darth Vader Leads An Imperial Drug Raid In The Ukraine

Batman busting bad guys in the UK and Darth Vader leading drug raids in the Ukraine ... the world is slowly turning into my childhood fantasies... does the military have a plan in case of an attack by Godzilla?

Just saying ...

From RT News

Imperial stormtroopers, led by Darth Vader, raided a shop in Odessa, Ukraine, on Saturday. The squad claims it was on a mission to find and destroy herbal smoking blends, prohibited in the country and allegedly sold in the store.

The "special" operation was kick-started by a command given by a man dressed as the Dark Lord of the Sith, of Star Wars fame.

The brigade of imperial stormtroopers then broke into an Odessa store, screaming “For the Emperor!” and asking the man inside “Where are the drugs?” They searched on and under the counter, ending up by collecting what they believed were prohibited substances into a saucepan.

The operation culminated in stormtroopers setting the saucepan’s contents on fire and also in throwing a smoke flare into the shop.


(Video After The Break)

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