People In Film - Rebecca Hall

From Focus Features

A former student of Cambridge University and a clearly very intelligent actress, rising star Rebecca Hall was a perfect choice to play sharp Special Advocate Claudia Simmons-Howe in Focus Features' taut legal thriller CLOSED CIRCUIT. Working Title's Tim Bevan, a producer on the film, had previously worked with Hall on the Academy Award-nominated Frost/Nixon in 2008, and was more than aware of her talents. Says Bevan, "There's an everywoman quality about her, which I believe is important to have in a movie because men and women alike can identify with her. She conveys both strength and vulnerability." Director John Crowley was very impressed by Hall's smarts, and felt she was an ideal choice to play opposite Eric Bana, who takes the role of Martin Rose, the lawyer who becomes Claudia's co-counsel on a high-profile case – and who is also Claudia's former lover. "She has a laser-like intelligence," says Crowley. "I felt there would be a freshness to casting her opposite Eric." Hall was very drawn to the project, not only because of the very prescient subjects of the film (primarily terrorism and surveillance) and the curious world of the British legal circuit, but also because of the richly drawn script. Says Hall, "The story is engaging because you care about these characters, and smart because it is about concerns pertinent to the times we live in... Between the actors, the props department, and the wardrobe department, we honed in on all details with regard to the intricacies of the British legal system. One of the things that I love most about being an actor is that it gives you short-term immersion into a world you would never have experienced or inhabited."

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