Chase Masterson On Learning Her Craft On The Set Of Deep Space Nine, The Ministry of Acting And Her Dr. Who Spinoff

I had the rare chance at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention to interview Chase Masterson, the actor who is well-known for portraying the character Leeta, the Bajoran Dabo girl who works at Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade, better known as Quark’s to its regular patrons. She shared some very introspective thoughts about learning the ropes on the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, what her craft means to her and the awesome creative projects this last year that have been keeping her very busy.

Michael Venables: Tell me the story of your start on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Chase Masterson: I originally met the casting director of Deep Space Nine through a pay-to-meet showcase. They have these things where you can pay thirty dollars and do a mock audition for a casting director. And if they like you, hopefully, they’ll remember you and call you in for an audition. And, that’s exactly what happened. I auditioned first for the role of Marta, who was a guest star in the second season. I got down to the final two of that role, and then they went the other way. And then, they wrote the role of Leeta for me. I didn’t realize that. I didn’t know that until the fifth season. But Ira Behr, the co-executive producer, told me that when I wasn’t right for the first role, they decided they wanted to use me somewhere. So that’s been a huge honor on a show like this to have something created for you. That’s pretty wow!

Venables: Coming in as a fresh cast member, how was the experience of integrating with the rest of the actors already immersed in the show?

Masterson: Armin Shimerman was quite wonderful. He was like an older brother, frankly to Max Grodénchik, who played Rom, and to myself. I had worked quite a lot in the theater and a certain amount in film and TV before Deep Space Nine. Armin was much more experienced and would take Max and I aside and explain “Oh, here’s what they’re doing” and “they’re lining up this shot for this reason” and “here’s a tip or two.” It was so comforting and so generous of him. You know, a lot of times actors on shows really don’t want the guest stars to be that good. It’s their show and they don’t want anyone else coming in week to week. And that didn’t happen on Deep Space Nine. The cast was very welcoming and generous. I think that speaks very highly of the producing team who put the show together. And, it certainly fits with the heart of the show. So it was really a blessing.


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