10 Sci-Fi Girls You Don’t Want to Cross

As gender equality marches on, the women of the future just get tougher. In this feature, we’ll spotlight ten seriously badass women from the world of science fiction.

1. Ellen Ripley, Alien Quadrilogy

One of the sci-fi world’s most iconic female protagonists, Ripley stood up to hordes of acid-spitting xenomorphs over multiple movies and even took out a queen with nothing but a power loader.

2. Sarah Connor, Terminator 1 & 2

As played by Linda Hamilton, Sarah Connor is every bit the match of the metallic Terminators sent from the future to kill her son John before he can grow to lead the resistance.

3. Carmen Ibanez, Starship Troopers

Before she stole our hearts in Wild Things, Denise Richards solidified her star status in Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi classic as the bug-blasting Capt. Carmen Ibanez.




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