History’s Creatures: Sighting the Mothman

From Epoch Times

Perhaps the most mysterious of all modern history’s legendary creatures is the Mothman of Point Pleasant, W.Va.

The legend of the Mothman has existed since the first reported sighting in 1966. Even though the creature has been seen in other parts of the world, it allegedly paid a particularly peculiar visit to Point Pleasant

The Mothman is described as a winged man standing approximately 7 feet tall with a 10-foot wingspan, according to Animal Planet, and all who have had encounters with the creature report feeling a sense of dread. But what seems to stand out the most to those who have had close encounters are the Mothman’s glowing, red eyes.

One encounter involves Point Pleasant resident Fay DeWitt, who saw the creature in 1966. She told her story to the Science Channel’s The Unexplained Files: “This thing jumped right on the hood of the car, and it just looked at my brother. [We] were wondering what it was going to do next. I was just petrified for a few minutes … then it just got up on top of this 5-story building and just went off the top of it.”

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