Loch Ness Monster Dead: Report

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Absence of Loch Ness Monster Has Believers Worried

Highland, Scotland – According to the man who maintains the registry of “confirmed” sightings of the legendary Loch Ness Monster known affectionately as Nellie, no one has seen the beast in 1.5 years. Now, bear in mind that “confirmed” sightings is a term used quite loosely in this context as no one has ever produced evidence the creature even exists besides questionable grainy blips on camera film and video footage.

An actual confirmed sighting of the beast would be unequivocal proof of its existence along with DNA samples and scientists on-hand to monitor the creature.

That said, even the usual trickle of so-called sightings has stopped which has believers in Nellie’s existence worried.

Gary Campbell, keeper of the Loch Ness sightings registry, claims to have 1,500 years’ worth of sightings dating back to St Columba, the Irish missionary who was said to have encountered the beast in 565AD.

Mr Campbell said it was the first time since 1925 that there had been no confirmed reports of the monster.

He said: “It’s very upsetting news and we don’t know where she’s gone.

Kens Take: The same thing happened about four years ago, then there was a rash of sightings. Also scientists believe that there is an underground tunnel system that connects Loch Ness with the ocean where Nessie and her clan can swim in and out. I wouldn't mourn yet, the old girl and her family may just be on holiday in Orlando.


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