Playboy For The Dead? GIRLS and CORPSES Spring Sexy College Issue

Written By: Ken Hulsey (Monster Island News)
Source: Robert Rhine

It's looks like the fine folks over at GIRLS and CORPSES magazine have tapped into a yet unexplored genre of fandom, that being people who like to see sexy women posed with dead bodies. This may not be considered 'normal', but I am more than certain that there are some of you out there, and you know who you are, who get worked up by this sort of thing. Granted sexy women and horror have gone hand-in-hand since the early days of cinema and the grindhouse cinema of the 60s and beyond is filled with this sort of thing.

Okay, maybe this is something that has been a long time coming.

Anyway, GIRLS and CORPSES has just released their Spring issue featuring all the naked coeds you can handle posed with your favorite rotting corpses... plus, for some reason, unpublished pictures of Hitler?

Here is the press release:

Welcome to HELL week at ALPHA BETA DIE and what could be better than HOT SEXY sorority girls canoodling with COLD ROTTING fraternity corpses in their dorm rooms? It's also SPRINGTIME For HITLER with a dozen UNPUBLISHED HISTORIC photos of Adolf Hitler.

Our cover features Australian supermodel GiGi ALLENS with Cuban Sin-sation JASMINE CARO in cap & gowns (and little else). MERLE ALLIN of The Murder Junkies talks about his controversial punk rock brother GG ALLIN. Also, featuring 3 freaky artists: PEACH MOMOKO, JUSTIN AERNI & ROBERT DAVID ELLWOOD. 3 killer Metal bands: CARNIFEX, DREAMING DEAD and NERVOSA. And four deadly authors: JEFF KILMA (The Dead Janitors Club), DAVID MENASCHE (The Priority List), SCOT SOTHERN (Curb Service) and PAUL KOUDOUNARIS (Heavenly Bodies). Introducing coed IVY FERGUSON and sexy G&C alum LYNN POPS in a Graduation Dead cemetery spread with the 'big corpse on campus' at The University of Embalming. We examine Deadly Hazing Rituals and revisit killer college horror film clas-sicks: The Dorm That Dripped Blood, The House on Sorority Row, Final Exam, Splatter University and Graduation Day. This is also a historical issue with a dozen never before published of HITLER photos! Also, a SEXY Sorority Panty Raid and PIllow Fight with ANA FOX, HOLLY GAZELEY and JIN N TONIC. We study Deadly Hazing Rituals, meet the Class of GCU and revisit killer College Horror Film Classicks.

So, order this educational issue before you flunk out! Click now to order:

Professor Corpsy gives this issue an A+

See ya in class... corpses!

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