Ultraman Hits Hawaii In Style!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

In just a couple of months we will have the pleasure of seeing Japan's greatest export, Godzilla, beat the living snot out of Hawaii and all of it's great tourist attractions. But, before that happens let's take a little more leisurely tour of everything the great island state has to offer with Ultraman and his family. Yes, Japan's greatest superhero has been hawking everything lately from cars to women's fashions and via this new advertising campaign Hawaiian vacations.

Ultraman goes surfing, Ultraman plays golf, and Ultraman enjoys frozen yogurt. It's the vacation we all dream about. Or is it a honeymoon? Is that Ultraman getting hitched?

Only in Japan ...

My Japanese is a bit rusty but I think at the end it says, "Go see it before Godzilla levels it!"

Good advice ...

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