Love Practical Effects? Help This Werewolf Howl at the ‘Autumn Moon’


You may recognize Randy Fabert’s Autumn Moon from a few years back, as we first reported on this sucker way back in 2012, and since then it appears as if they have gone to town on the flick as it looks insanely awesome! If you love practical effects, creature features and yes, original horror, Autumn Moon is your hook-up!

However, times are tough and they need our help to finish this sucker. Now, I must say I will only post crowd sourcing projects here that one, I believe in, and two, that I have pledged myself, and Autumn Moon is one of those projects.

This one promises to be off the hook, in fact this one promises to be one of the most bloodiest films ever made, so if you would like to get on-board and be a part of what could be one of the greatest werewolf films ever made, make your way over to their Kickstarter page and see how you can help. As always a simple share is more than enough, so spread the word and lets get this sucker funded!


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