Ryusei Ningen Zon (Zone Fighter)(1973)(Toho)

Zone Fighter, known in Japan as Ryūsei Ningen Zone, is a tokusatsu science fiction superhero television series. Produced by Toho Company Ltd., the show aired on Nippon Television from April 2 to September 24, 1973, with a total of 26 episodes, it was cancelled due to the oil crisis of 1973. This was Toho's answer to not only the popular Ultra Series, but the Henshin Hero phenomenon started by shows like Kamen Rider and Android Kikaider. The previous year, Toho had just made their successful first superhero show, Rainbowman. The series was also notable for its guest appearance by Toho's own Godzilla, as well as two
other Toho monsters, King Ghidorah and Gigan.

Godzilla guest-stars in Episodes 4, 11, 15, 21 and 25. Gigan fights with Godzilla in Episode 11, and King Ghidorah appeared in a separate two episodes (5 & 6, a two-parter).

The last appearances of the original King Ghidorah and Gigan (who would return in updated form 31 years later in Godzilla: Final Wars).

Takes place in the same continuity as the original Godzilla series, according to Toho Co., Ltd.

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