The First Look At GRENDIZER - Some Bad Ass Giant Robot Action

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

An anonymous film maker from Eastern Europe has procured the rights from Dynamic Planning/TOEI Animation to produce a brand new movie based on Go Nagai's 1975 giant robot anime "Grendizer" (Grandizer). At this point the film is still in the very early stages and the people behind the project are asking fans to help fund the production through the website:

Here is the scoop:

"After roughly 35 years this legendary anime, which transcended cultural and political borders as well as inspiring millions of people around the world, has had virtually no modern treatment or material of any sort. There have been numerous fan projects and trailers over the past decade which unfortunately have not blossomed into full productions . Being a Grendizer fan myself and a professional visual effects artist/producer I also created a modern version of Grendizer which a lot of fans around the world seem to enjoy. Upon completing the latest trailer I wanted to somehow give the fans a chance to see the continuation of this work into a full feature. I contacted Dynamic (the owners of Grendizer) and inquired about doing a fan-funded film with no commercial release. Luckily they don’t have an objection to that and hence this site! As I am from Eastern Europe where a lot of Hollywood movies are done due to lower production costs and high quality of work, a Grendizer film is entirely possible here. My aimis to produce a live action/cgi Grendizer movie which will be available online for free." - Grendizer Movie Website

Here is the upside, the trailers and concept images on the website look bad ass and I for one would love to see the finished product, especially if it's online for free! However, the downside to this one is the producer of the film doesn't mention his name or the name of his production company, that kinda makes me nervous when it comes to plunking down my money to fund this baby. Also the Facebook and Twitter 'follow' links on the page don't go any specific profiles.

Not to say this isn't a legit project. It very well may be, just some food for thought.

As many giant robot fans already know "Grendizer" was the third entry in Go Nagai's "Mazinger Trilogy" (Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger)produced in Japan between 1975 and 1977. Also like Mazinger, the Grendizer mecha was first exposed to American pop culture through the "Shogun Warriors" line of toys produced by Mattel in the late 1970s. Though "Mazinger Z" was Americanized as "Tranzor Z" for syndicated television, "Grendizer" was a rarity on this side of the Pacific.

The Story:

"The Grendizer was based on a Fleedian God of War and created for the royal family. King Vega desired it and sent his soldiers to retrieve it. Laying waste to Fleed, the Vegan Empire succeeded in finding the giant robot. However, it was stolen back by Prince Duke Fleed along with a Spazer and fled to Earth. Duke was adopted by a Japanese scientist named Genzo Umon who hid the Grendizer from view.

Eventually, the Vegan Empire appeared on Earth and Duke had the Grendizer surfaced to fight against them. Duke is joined into battle with his former rival Koji Kabuto, Duke's friend from the ranch he worked on Hikaru Makiba, and his long lost sister Maria Fleed. Overtime, the Grendizer is improved with more Spazers and fights against the Empire's Saucer Beasts. At times, Grendizer would fight against the Empire's generals, which were tough and grueling battles.

Eventually, the battle is taken to space where King Vega orders his troops to attack Earth. Duke and his allies intercept them, with King Vega unleashing the Gragra Saucer Beast. After a long and fierce battle, Duke manages to turn the tides and destroy the Vegan mothership and King Vega with it. With danger averted, Duke leaves with Maria on the Grendizer to restrore Planet Fleed." - Mazinger Wiki