Giant BUGS Feast On Wealthy Chinese Tourists ... In 3D!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Avery Guerra, Robert Hood.

When it comes to man-eating B-Movie monsters no one is safe, not bikini clad sunbathers, not summer camp teens, not redneck sheriffs, and (now) not rich Chinese party goers. In fact the latest horror film to be released in China, "Bugs 3D", just goes to show that the sexier you are, the more appetizing you are going look to any giant mutant critter looking for a snack.

Only us average and those less-than-average looking will survive!

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth."

Take that all you popular kids! But, I digress.

Indeed all the good looking kids bite the dust in this one, which according to the film's publicity pays homage to "...the classic Hollywood B-movies of the sixties and seventies”.

Here is your plot:

In the near future, due to huge demand for protein, synthetic protein is rapidly developed around the world. Jams, a fanatic geneticist, has managed to raise super bugs that can provide high-quality protein at low-cost. But the reproduction of the bugs goes out of control because of men’s excessive greed. They break out of the tubes, devour scientists, and turn into giant monsters. Numerous monster bugs hankering after human flesh and blood swarm into the sea, threatening bring on a holocaust.

The bugs keep reproducing and eventually cause a tsunami. At a rave party going on by the beach, the participants have no idea the bugs are coming, but when the wave arrives all those hot guys and ladies enjoying the party suddenly get ripped up and eaten. The bugs turn the beautiful beaches into a sea of blood. A small group of young people are bold enough to jump onto the ship where the bug queen resides, hoping to end the war by killing it. They know if they don’t succeed, mankind will be doomed.

Check out the trailer, courtesy of the East Winds Film Festival:

The film looks like great campy fun in the vein of such classics as "Piranha (1978)", "Alien" and the very underappreciated Korean monster movie "The Host (2006).

There is no word, as of yet, whether "Bugs 3D" will ever reach these shores ... stay tuned.

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