Godzilla Battle Royale

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Four years ago Billy DuBose had a dream, he wanted to make his own Godzilla movie. I think that I can speak for most of you out there (including myself) by stating that we have all had that dream at one time in our lives, only difference is that Billy actually got off his lazy ass and did it.

What he was able to create on a shoe-string budget, a bunch of home-made rubber suits, and a cast of his friends and family, was the ninety minute fan film "Godzilla Battle Royale" a homage to just about every Japanese sci fi movie ever created plus the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure.

DuBose explains, "This is my vision of all I've wanted to see in a Godzilla film if I was in charge of making it.

I will admit there's a lot of Destroy All Monsters and GFW influence here, but it is by no means a rehash. Its more or less a fan made sequel to the classic showa series after the events of DAM. Though I do intend to also bring the best of all eras together while staying true to the showa series as best I can."

What he ended up with is sixty years of Godzilla in a blender, which is a lot of fun to watch actually.

Here is the entire film, Godzilla Battle Royale for your viewing pleasure:

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