What Do Depressed Vampire's Do At Christmas? - Christmas At Dracula's

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

Indeed, what does a depressed vampire like Dracula do to beat the holiday blues? Why he throws a party for all his monster buddies, that's what!

Such is the concept for Irish film makers Conor Dwane and Simon McKeon latest film project for El Diablo Productions. In the dark comedy everyone's favorite vampire decides to throw the ultimate monster hoedown to cheer himself up after weeks of holiday shopping ... neck biting ... and whatever else vampires do for Christmas. In a plot that sounds eerily like the concept for Rankin/Bass' 1969 animated feature, "Mad Monster Party", all the monster mayhem goes along as planned until a couple of murders show up and screw everything up.

The film stars ... wait a minute? Monsters who can't take care of a couple of murders? .. okay.

The films stars Conor Dwane, Michael O Dowd, Noelle Clarke, Jonathan O'Dwyer, Jerry O Mullane, Art Kelleher, John Browne, Lorraine Comisky, Dave McGuire, Conor Slattery, and Lochlainn McKenna

Here is a clip:

Told through the eyes of The Invisible Man, Count Dracula has hit rock bottom, so with the help of his noble companion Igor, he decides to throw the greatest Christmas party of all time. He invites to this - The Wolfman, Medusa, The Wicked Witch, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and The Invisible Man. But when two killers arrive at the door, things slowly begin to spiral out of control. And Dracula's faith lies in the hands of one creature...death himself!


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