China Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

Over the past decade some really good monster movies have come out of the far east. It goes without saying that just about anyone who has a pulse has heard of "Godzilla", or possibly even "Gamera", and the other slew of imaginative sci fi films that have come out of Japan since the mid 1950s. I'm not necessarily talking about those films. Instead I'm speaking of monster movies being made in South Korea and even China.

Over the past five years a US and Chinese collaboration has struggled to produce a film about China's own version of Bigfoot. Originally conceived as a 3-D adventure film, "China Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren" has changed names three times (“Primary Zone” and simply "Bigfoot") and morphed into a story about a boy and his monster.

"Yeren" is the brainchild of Chris Walas, who won an Oscar for his makeup design on "The Fly," and was co-written alongside director Ethan Wiley. "It's been a dream of mine to bring the Yeren story to life," said Walas.

"It's a survival story," adds Wiley, who commented on being granted permission to film on location in the  forest of China's Hubei province. "The only way to film with truth and integrity is to shoot in the area where the Yeren may truly exist."

Though the production was granted permission to film exclusively in China it didn't mean that film makers were given complete freedom. The State Administration of Radio Film and Television, who has been known to censor out  anything that may question proven science or the supremacy of the Communist Party, or otherwise may malign Chinese people kept a close eye on everything.

It looks like there is plenty of action in this one, a plane crashes in the lush forest of Hubei province and soon afterward the survivors are menaced by a giant hairy wild man. As expected a rescue party full of Chinese soldiers show up and good old Bigfoot starts tossing em around in a fashion that reminds me of how the monster took care of "The Six Million Dollar Man." Alone come a young Chinese boy and his American tutor (Sasha Jackson) who befriend the beast and endeavor to save him from the soldiers who want to capture him and take him back to civilization ... kinda like "King Kong."

Give this trailer a gander:

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