GODZILLA 2 or STAR WARS Spin-Off? Which is More Exciting?!

From MoviePilot

Ever since Gareth Edwards snuck out the creepy, cool low-budget Monsters in 2010, he's been on a lot of people's radar. And when he upped the monster ante with the Godzilla reboot, he got tapped by Disney and Star Wars and found himself behind the wheel of two monstrous franchises. It's a good time to be Gareth Edwards, and a good time to be a fan of his.

The Star Wars spin-offs are something that caught fans completely by surprise. Getting a new trilogy was big enough news, releasing another Star Wars movie in between those - frosting on the cake. Putting Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank in charge of those movies, cherry on the frosting of the cake!

Destroy All Monsters!

We have a pretty good idea of what Edwards' Godzilla 2 will be like. Chances are it will feature Godzilla battling it out with either Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah or (in my dream come true) a remake of Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster - in which all three battle it out. Though looking at what Legendary Pictures said in their Comic-Con panel last year, it looks like they've committed to handling these three legendary monsters of mayhem one at a time.


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