The Haunting of the Hollywood Sign

From Monster Island Mysteries

Deep pain, pain so deep, so intense that it breaks you and soon everything you see, everything you touch cracks. Tragedy has won, despair the victor will forever gloat as the unhappy and unrequited spirit roams life’s last destination. So roams the spirit of Peg Entwistle forever known as the ghost of the Hollywood sign.

When the fog rolls in from the ocean, hugging the ground as it spreads its marine dampness, and the moon rising in the sky curls its pale fingers around fog tendrils that eerily illuminate the hillside of Beechwood Canyon Trail you may notice the soft fragrance of Gardenias wafting on the breeze. Take a moment; look around you may glimpse a lovely blond in vintage 30s clothing walking the trail as well.

September 18th 1932 would be the last night Peg Entwistle would struggle with her demons. As she climbed the steep hill to the ‘Hollywoodland’ sign with each step, she found herself closer to peace. She climbed a 50-foot ladder at the back of the ‘H’ once reaching the top she stood looking down on the shimmering jewels of light below, at a city filled with glamour, money and fame all of which had been denied her. Then she jumped.


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