The Mighty Peking Man

The Mighty Peking Man

From Monster Island News

Despite having a ten-story tall Yeti in the film, the real star of "The Mighty Peking Man" is the Soviet born actress Evelyn Kraft, who plays Samantha, a young woman who was raised by the monster after her parents are killed in a plane crash. Director Ho Meng Hua knew exactly what he had in casting the actress, who previously had made a name for herself on German television, a sexy blond who would put male viewers in theater seats.

The director would use Kraft's sex appeal to the fullest. He dressed the actress in next to nothing, then had her run and climb her way around the jungle. I'm sure it didn't hurt that every once and a while the actresses breasts would slip out of her costume while she was running or if she mooned the audience when she climbed up a tree. That was what she was there for, eye-candy.

Honestly, "The Mighty Peking Man" is a Tarzan story sandwiched between a monster movie. Granted, the film begins and ends with the monster running amok, but the story in between is a different breed of film. After all is said and done, you walk away remembering the sexy Kraft, not the ten-story-tall Yeti.



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