Wait a minute ... isn't this the plot from an X-Files episode?

This battery commercial reveals bigger secrets than the Star Wars trailers

Trusted everywhere from Coruscant to Kessel

The battery maker Duracell might've just given away some serious Star Wars: The Force Awakens secrets in a new commercial.

Spoiler alert: We understand if you want to go into The Force Awakens blind, padawan. That's why we've added this warning. You need to be mindful of the living force, but not at the expense of the moment, so don't scroll ahead if you don't want to see something new. And if you'd rather not take part in a lighthearted version of the speculation game, be warned: Here be (krayt) dragons.

Set at home on Christmas morning, the commercial follows the adventures of a blonde brother and his brown-haired sister playing with their new Star Wars toys, powered by Duracell's Quantum batteries line. These Duracells retain the copper top of old but replace the black bottom with a red sleeve.

That's appropriate, given that, at the beginning of the commercial, we see C-3PO and his new red arm, in motion for the first time.


I had this Christmas fantasy way back in 1977, 1978, 1979 ... 1995, 96 ... 

This Star Wars Fan Theory Will Make You Rethink The Entire Saga

Reddit user Lumpawarroo has come up with an extraordinary theory that Jar Jar isn’t the incompetent sideshow he portrays himself to be, but is in fact the one pulling the strings of the Dark Side.

It’s established that, according to Obi-Wan in ‘A New Hope’, luck doesn’t exist (”In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.”), yet Jar Jar seems to have more than his fair share. Is it luck, or is has he been deceiving us and manipulating our perceptions the whole time?


Wait ... is that an action figure?

Marvel Press Unleashes New Novels Set for 2016

Critically acclaimed and bestselling literary talent take on Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and more

Like Bruce Banner transforming into the Incredible Hulk, a new selection of Marvel comics favorites are becoming bigger, badder, and more exciting than ever! Marvel Press is proud to present five brand-new young adult and middle-grade novels coming in 2016!

Hot on the heels of her “New York Times” bestselling debut “Black Widow: Forever Red,” Margaret Stohl will pen a sequel to add to her Natasha Romanov saga, entitled “Black Widow: Red Vengeance!” This bold new adventure will bring Agent Romanov together with her fellow vigilante operative, Ana Orlova…the Red Widow.

Next spring, the bestselling author behind “Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side” and the “Origami Yoda” series, Tom Angleberger, will take readers on the trip of a lifetime with none other than Guardians of the Galaxy favorites Groot and Rocket Raccoon. The most unusual tag-team in the universe will join forces in a rollicking new novel titled “Rocket & Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall”!


TV for all you mods and rockers.

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Rumour: Hugh Jackman On Board For X-Men: Apocalypse Reshoots

Hugh Jackman’s days as Wolverine are numbered - so if makes sense that 20th Century Fox would want to make the most of him while they can.

To date there has been no official confirmation that Jackman will appear in the upcoming ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ but word has now got out that the iconic actor will indeed reprise his signature role in the 2016 sequel.


Holy smokes is that all her?

Heidi Klum Dressed as Jessica Rabbit Is Terrifying for All the Wrong Reasons

If there is one thing Heidi Klum has become known for since retiring from the runways, it's her extravagant Halloween parties, and more importantly, her equally extravagant costumes. She used to involve ex-husband Seal in the festivities, but divorce doesn't exactly encourage people to have fun and dress up together.


Spider-Man: The High School Years

As told by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man spent about 30 issues attending class at Midtown High School, but those years proved important ones to his mythos, introducing many of the traits, supporting characters, and villains we associate with the Wallcrawler to this day.

With Robbie Thompson and Nick Bradshaw preparing to tell new stories of Peter in high school with SPIDEY, here's a rundown of some important milestones from that era…


Justice League of America (1960 1st Series) #81, June 1970 Issue

As Hawkman and the Atom resume their mission to Thanagar to find a cure for the insane Jane Loring, the cosmic menace known as Jest-Master (who brings insanity wherever he goes) is en route to Thanagar as well. When the two heroes make a stop at a Thanagarian space station they are greeted by the soldiers stationed there. Suddenly the soldiers (due to Jest-Master's proximity to the station) go mad and begin attacking Hawkman and soon the two heroes also lose their sanity. Aboard the vessel, the Thanagarian criminal Norch Lor remarks about how this is the doomsday prophecy that he learned of and attempted to capture people's souls for.


And here is something to think about:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

- Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948)

Oh crap this probably should have been our top story!

Shin-Godzilla Wraps Shooting, Begins FX Work

As usual, Gormaru Island is on top of the world regarding Shin-Godzilla. Satomi Ishihara (Attack on Titan Part I & II) recently posted that she's wrapped filming—This is in line with reports about Shin-Godzilla's principle photography wrapping by November.

For those keeping count this is more or less the same amount of time Godzilla 2014 had which started filming mid-March of 2013 and wrapped mid-July. If you include the upcoming November effects work, it's certainly a longer shoot than Godzilla 2014. The live action footage will be sent to post as another important phase in the film's production begins.


The Dyson Sphere -- Not Just Science Fiction

A few years ago I wrote on The Huffington Post about author Raoul Peter Mongilardi's Next To The Gods, a complex, world-building four book series of science fiction. In it, the Aurocerians, an alien race of beings have created a Dyson Sphere, an impenetrable constructed barrier encompassing an entire solar system serving a dual purpose of protection while harnessing the power of a star. The recent news of Kepler Space Telescope's discovery of KIC 8462852, an oddly dimming star 1,500 light years from Earth, which has been speculated to harbor a potential Dyson Sphere-like alien megastructure made me reflect on Mongilardi's series, and other works of science fiction that have, over time, become more in the realm of science than fiction.


‘Doctor Who’ exec teases Clara’s ‘shocking and terrifying’ exit

Steven Moffat has revealed that Clara will “never return” when Jenna Coleman departs Doctor Who on screen later this season.

Coleman filmed her final scenes this summer but it has not been announced in which episode Clara will leave.

Moffat told Italian fans: “Clara is gone and will never return. I will not reveal any forecast about her fate.”

The Doctor Who showrunner hinted: “I can only say that what will happen will shock, terrify and surprise you. Strictly in that order.”



Dan Abnett and Carlo Barberi plan on bringing plenty of space cases together in GUARDIANS OF INFINITY. The new series launches in December and will focus on a wide range of characters from the original Guardians line-up to the present day team and even a brand new squad known as Guardians 1000.

With so many Guardians—including fan favorites Rocket Raccoon and Groot—Abnett and Barberi will have their work cut out for them, but both creators stand ready for the challenge. Barberi discusses the thrill of working on such varied characters, designing everything from the ground up, and working with Jim Cheung.


Wait a minute ... isn't this the plot from an X-Files episode?

Russia Announced They Have Found a UFO in the Ice

The first class of Admiral Vladimir Prikhodko, who is currently the director of the secret organization of the Russian navy, said that powerhouses such as the U.S, China, Germany and even Russia, are investing million dollars in the outer space, to gain the ownership.

However, why we have to spend too much money and waste time to research it, if we could have a great investment in the underground to find out the true stories of our origins.


Stan Lee’s POW! Media is teaming with Taipei-based Hualien Media and Mission Control Entertainment on development of “Arch Alien” as an action franchise.

Lee and the companies announced the producing alliance Friday. Ralph Hemecker will direct from a script he co-wrote with Bill Macdonald. Plot details are being kept under wraps.

The project was unveiled in advance of Lee’s annual Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles. Principal photography is set to start on March 7 with shooting taking place in the U.S. and China.


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