Ya know, Lois is looking kinda sexy ...

Today Godzilla would have turned 61 if he hadn't been killed by the Oxygen Destroyer ... fell in a volcano ... blew up ...

Godzilla (November 3, 1954) - Scorpio

"...charismatic "twice-born" characters such as they can sink into the extremes of depravity if they take the wrong path, and the intensity of their nature exaggerates their harmful tendencies into vices far greater than the normal.

Rebelliousness against all conventions, political extremism to the point where hatred of the Establishment makes them utterly unscrupulous terrorists. Brooding resentment, aggressive and sadistic brutality, total arrogance, morbid jealousy, extreme volatility of temperament, these are some of their vices.."

Duh...um he loves to stomp cities flat and kicks the crap out of any other critter who wanders into his turf!


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (1954)(Toho)

Our tale begins dramatically amidst the smouldering ruins of what was once a great city. Twisted girders, cracked, blistering sidewalks and the skeletal frames of demolished buildings paint a grim portrait of this smouldering memorial to the unknown. Tokyo, once a proud metropolis of six million people, is now a graveyard.


What the heck is this thing?

'Sea Monster' Photographed In Waters Off Greece

A Scottish tourist visiting Greece snapped an image of a mysterious creature in the water that some are calling a "sea monster."

The image captured by Harvey Robertson shows what looks like a cross between a hippopotamus and a dolphin:


More proof that you should never go camping

"GITASKOG" - Found-Footage Supernatural Lake Creature Horror!!!!

Here's a very cool looking new indie found-footage mysterious supernatural lake creature horror film!

Five friends, up north for three days, one creature ... NO CHANCE !

Five friends embark on a camping trip to sacred Native territory and are warned to stay away. When they choose to ignore the warning they are confronted with strange occurrences, seductive apparitions, vengeful locals and a deadly behemoth. Their weekend of fun becomes a descent into hell.


High Adventure in Deep Space with Venom: Space Knight #1

Flash Thompson is a lot of things. Soldier. Veteran. Double amputee. Host to a powerful alien symbiote. Guardian of the galaxy. Spider-Man’s biggest fan. But now, apart from his fellow guardians, he’s going solo for a brand new ongoing series in VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT!

From creators Robbie Thompson and Ariel Olivetti comes a tale of action, adventure, and alien intrigue. Now an ambassador of Earth and an Agent of the Cosmos, Flash Thompson is getting to be the one thing he always wanted. A BIG. DAMN. HERO. Strap in, hold on, and blast off – you won’t want to miss the start of a brand-new adventure as Venom swashbuckles across the universe in VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT #1 this November!


As long as it's not as bad as 'Enterprise'.

CBS is creating a new Star Trek TV series, but there’s a serious catch

CBS has announced an all new Star Trek TV series, which “will introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations.” It’s not known just how this series will exist alongside the new era of Star Trek from producer/director JJ Abrams, but what is clear is that CBS is banking on the franchise’s pull to help its fledgling streaming service along.

This won’t be just any TV series. CBS will debut the inaugural episode of the untitled new series in January 2017 on its regular network stations, but that’s where the fun will end for regular viewers — the rest of the season will only be available via the company’s streaming service, CBS All Access.

The new series appears to be as much about capitalizing on the recent resurgence of one of the most storied sci-fi franchises of all time as it is about giving CBS a viable competitor to streaming services like Netflix. CBS’ press release for the announcement describes the new Star Trek series as “the first original series developed specifically for U.S. audiences for CBS All Access.” And a series with such mammoth name recognition and a built-in fan base appears to be a fantastic way to bring in new viewers.


FYI: He was the only guy who was warm when they were filming 'Empire Strikes Back' in Norway.

How Peter Mayhew Really Feels About The New Star Wars 7 Cast Members

While the new Star Wars film is going to reunite fans of the original trilogy with many of our old friends, it will also introduce us to some new ones. So how does the old cast feel about these new kids getting involved in their movies? Well Chewbacca for one thinks they’re pretty great.

Peter Mayhew has played Chewbacca since the beginning. In an interview with Australia’s Bmag, he spoke about working with some of the newest parts of the Star Wars saga, actors John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. He and John Boyega apparently got on famously. Mayhew says Boyega has a comic’s sense of timing, which gives him a significant advantage in his acting.



She's Inhuman royalty. She’s been an Avenger, served alongside the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. She is Crystal…and this December she steps into her new role for a new Marvel Universe in ALL-NEW INHUMANS #1! Writers James Asmus and Charles Soule join forces with artist Stefano Caselli to expand the world of the Inhumans across globe!

Part diplomatic emissaries, part covert strike force, Crystal and her team have a new mission: protect their growing race by any means necessary! As the Terrigen Cloud rips across the planet, leaving new Inhumans in its wake – Crystal, Gorgon, Flint, Naja, and Grid travel the world in search of Inhumans in need, and pursue those would harm them. But as mysterious obelisks called Skyspears begin to appear across the globe, they could have cataclysmic and dangerous consequences for their race.


Eyes ... you can never have enough of them.


This is the show you really need to be watching!

The Flash Stars Talk Barry and Patty's 'Effortless' Relationship, Iris' Feelings

So while The Flash‘s Barry Allen has his hands full with Zoom, multiple Earths and now King Shark — can’t this kid ever catch a break? — this Tuesday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), finds him somehow making time to take Patty out on their first date.

“They just get along really well, and it’s kind of effortless,” star Grant Gustin says, when asked about the couple’s dynamic during a set visit last month. “They are interested in a lot of the same stuff. And it’s an escape for Barry right now because everything else is heavy in his life, other than his relationship with Patty.”


Ya know, Lois is looking kinda sexy ...

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #114, September 1971 Issue - DC Comics

When the 100 turns a protest by black Metropolis citizens against an office building project into a riot, Lois Lane, the Thorn, Superman, and Dave Stevens help unmask the guilty parties and bring them to justice. Later, Superman builds both an office building and a much-needed low-rent apartment building for the area. Dave Stevens is hired as the Daily Planet’s first black columnist.


There's a Hole in the Sun That's Going to Make the Skies Dazzle

The sun’s about to spit charged particles our way. And that solar wind of protons and electrons will interact with the Earth’s magnetic field to light up the skies with a dazzling display of color through Wednesday.

The solar wind coming out of a hole on the sun will almost certainly spark an aurora that may be seen by millions of people. The hole contains less material than other parts of the sun, allowing the wind to flow outward much faster than normal -- “more than two and a half times” faster, according to Robert Rutledge, a forecaster at the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado.


Meet Miri Kotori a 23 year old model from Orlando, Florida

See more of her over at Model Mayhem

And finally here's something to think about:

“We’ve been in the mountain of war. We’ve been in the mountain of violence. We’ve been in the mountain of hatred long enough. It is necessary to move on now, but only by moving out of this mountain can we move to the promised land of justice and brotherhood and the Kingdom of God. It all boils down to the fact that we must never allow ourselves to become satisfied with unattained goals. We must always maintain a kind of divine discontent."


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