The Top Ten Hottest Women Of 2015!

As voted by the readers of Monster Island News!

10. Suzi Lorraine 

Suzi Lorraine is an acclaimed actress, TV host, model, producer…and writer. She has starred in over 50 feature films, working alongside several Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, and has served as a producer and writer for multiple movies; her projects have received considerable worldwide distribution. A household name to any horror film fan, Ms. Lorraine is often cast as a host and commentator in television productions – airing on major cable networks such AMC and Chiller Channel – chronicling the horror genre. In addition to her produced screenplays, Ms. Lorraine is a frequently published journalist, writing for a cache of renowned horror and news publications. She is a staff writer for Shock Horror Magazine, a UK-based genre magazine that is distributed internationally. She also writes a monthly column for Germany’s largest horror magazine, Virus, and Italy’s newest horror magazine, Tenebre. Additionally, she pens political and entertainment articles for Garden State Journal, a daily New Jersey newspaper. Ms. Lorraine is also an active model who has appeared in hundreds of publications, and a jury member for one of the world’s largest film festivals, Hoboken International Film Festival.

Suzi Lorraine’s filmography includes: Won Ton Baby!, Captured Hearts, Scavenger Killers, Music and Lyrics, Solid State, Model Hunger, Billy’s Cult, The Haunting of Pearson Place, Pinup Dolls on Ice, Wrath of Crows, Kingdom of Gladiators, Sea of Dust, and dozens of other movies. On the Silver Screen, she has been the host the AMC series, “Monsterfest”, and Chiller Channel’s “ Can You Survive a Horror Movie”, and a commentator for Chiller Channel’s “Most Horrifying Hookups” and “ Horror’s Most Wanted.“

9. Dai Green

Dai Green is the “Head Mistress” of one of the top horror websites as well as an actress, model, and podcast host.

Apart from her duties with HNN, she has starred in films such as IT’S GROUNDHOG’S DAY, CHAINSAW SALLY, GOREZONES’S AMERICAN SERIAL KILLERS, MODERN ROMANCE, and is currently working on three more film in various stages of production such as RESURRECTION where she is set to appear along with Holly Madison, Nicolas Puccio, Tommy Lynch, as well as many others. She was named one of the “Top 100 Women In Fantasy/ Sci-Fi films of 2010” as well as one of the “Top 10 Hottest women of 2010”.

Dai is currently the producer and host of two podcasts, PODCAST FROM HELL along with John Torrani and THE GASH along with Nita Burson, which explore many to all aspects of the horror genre and beyond. Both shows have a large fan base with many horror celebrities added to the mix. PFH is the interview show where the guests have spanned from Frank Henenlotter to Sid Haig and The Gash is the show hailed by Kevin Tenney as “The View with PMS” which covers all aspects of the entertainment genre from the eyes of “chicks in horror”.

Aside from her work in the entertainment industry, Dai is also known for her activeness for multiple charities. Halloween of 2009, she rallied up over 100 people, on a month’s notice, to donate their time and money and going into children’s hospitals across the country in costume to pass out candy to those children who would have missed Halloween all together. In 2010, she started selling her photos and donating all the proceeds to various charities including, but not limited to, the West Memphis Three Fund and multiple children’s organizations. She plans to expand her work more in 2011 with a new show and many more surprises coming up.

8. Sarah French

Sarah French is a model and actress from Minnesota. She began modeling in 2007 working steadily in print, fashion, and various websites. Her life long love of the horror genre led to her auditioning for an independent horror film called 'Pajama Party Massacre'. She got the role and loved the experience so much that she sought out other film work. To date she has worked on over two dozen projects with titles such as: 'Terror Overload', 'Killer Biker Chicks', 'Resist Evil Trilogy', 'Strip Club Slasher', and 'Camp Kill'.

In 2010 Scarlet will be working on 'Hallow Point', her first large scale project. The film, being shot in New Orleans, stars a whole slew of genre legends.

In addition to film work, Scarlet can also be seen in various commercials and makes many appearances at film festivals and horror conventions all across the country.

7. Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly is a 23-year-old swimwear model from San Diego, California. She recently quite modeling to get her BS in Business Management but has returned recently to increase her portfolio.

Age: 27
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Bust: 34"
Waist: 38"
Hips: 24"
Cup: C

6. Jenifer Ann

Jenifer Ann is an International Costumer/Cosplayer, Host, Artist and Promotional Model based out of Florida. Jenifer Ann has been attending conventions and hosting panels since 2008 and modeling since 2002. Jenifer’s was first introduced into the world of Cosplay by her good friend Candy who owns Three Muses Clothing. She enjoys bringing life to her favorite characters by costume design and portrayal.

5. Mariel Gold

Mariel Gold is a 22 year old model from Greenville, South Carolina.

Age: 22
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Bust: 30"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 25"
Cup: C

4. Michelle Shields

Michelle Shields is a young actress/model who is completely driven and focused with her career. Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, she has always had a passion for movies, film making and acting. From a young age it was obvious that she loved to entertain people and really enjoyed doing stand up and skits for family and friends. Throughout school, she received many awards for both her singing and acting abilities. After participating in all the school plays, she finally made her big screen debut at age 15 in 'Timeserver'. It wasn't long after that Michelle began professional training for her on screen acting career. She studied a variety of techniques from on screen to voice over and from scene study to improv.

Since then, she has been involved in many different kinds of projects from films to TV, to comic books to print. Because she takes her time when selecting projects to be a part of, she has a very impressive resume which includes major blockbusters like 'The Dark Knight' to the highly renowned 'Frankenstein: Day of the Beast'. Along with feature films, Michelle has starred in a number of accredited short films such as 'Slasher', 'Special Day' and 'Illusion'. She is also a core member of Comic Book Divas and has been featured in many of their books. She has received a lot of attention from fans, not only for her talent, but also for her sweet and sincere attitude. She is always in a great mood, ready to work, and professional in every regard.

Michelle frequently appears at conventions and public events all over the country to meet her supportive fans and showcase her projects. In addition, Michelle is continuing to further her education in the field of psychology. When she is not working or going to school, she enjoys one of her many hobbies that include comic book collecting, playing videos games, building models and, of course, watching movies.

3. Rachel Grubb

Rachel earned her English degree from the College of St. Catherine. Shortly after graduation, she won the Best Breakthrough Screenplay award at the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival for her first feature-length script. Her interest in film led her to take acting classes and audition for films in the Twin Cities area. In the past few years, Rachel has acted in numerous independent shorts, features, music videos and television shows and recently moved to Los Angeles to expand her career. She wrote, directed, and starred in Why Am I in a Box? which has already won seven Creative Spirit Awards and has distribution. Together with Brooke Lemke, Rachel runs Silent-But-Deadly Productions, an all-female production company.

As an actress, she first appeared as Amy in St Euphoria Pictures' The Monster of Phantom Lake. She has since become a well-known Scream Queen and acted in numerous, independent feature films, such as Terror Overload, Strip Club Slasher and Cave Women on Mars. She played a creepy ghost in Dav Kaufman's 13 Hours in a Warehouse and she played the lead role in JP Wenner's Retina, featured on The Horror Vault DVD. Rachel portrays Jolly in the web comic A Life Behind the Mask from Comic Book Divas.

Rachel has been an in-studio guest on Maxim Radio's "Hotties Of Horror" week and writes a regular Scream Queen column for The Chainsaw Mafia. Rachel was featured as Scream Queen Of The Month at and was crowned's Pinup Of The Year. She has been a panel speaker at the Xanadu convention in Las Vegas and been featured in several magazines, including Gorezone and Girls and Corpses. Rachel has her own trading cards, available from

2. Emilee Hannah

Emilee Hannah from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Aloha! I am a nursing student here on Oahu with a passion for being in front of the camera.

1. Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She has an older sister named Garland. She has dyslexia, and says she was the target of bullying as a result of her physical development during puberty. She attended William R. Boone High School in Orlando.

After dropping out of high school at age 17, McKinney, who describes herself as "a curvier bombshell with big boobs," pursued a modeling career but struggled to find success with an agency. Opting to rely on Instagram as a portfolio, she soon became "insta-famous" and was profiled in Esquire. McKinney credits the social networking service as a factor in her subsequent success, which includes campaigns for the fashion brand Guess. She signed with Wilhelmina Models.

McKinney was the featured model in Carl's Jr.'s All Natural Burger commercial, which was released online in January 2015 and aired regionally during Super Bowl XLIX. The viral ad featured McKinney walking around a farmers' market, with it implied that she is "all natural" and uses double entendres to imply that she is naked with strategically-placed items in the market, until it reveals McKinney in a bikini eating the All Natural Burger. The success of the commercial has led to McKinney being dubbed "the next Kate Upton," who also garnered national attention for appearing in a Carl's Jr. commercial during a Super Bowl.

On February 24, 2015, McKinney was announced as one of the celebrities who will compete on season 20 of Dancing with the Stars. Her professional partner was Keoikantse Motsepe. The couple was the second one to be eliminated and finished in 11th place.

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