From The Typewriter Of Agent Dana Scully

X-Files: Shadows
Case notes by Agent Dana Scully

There are many aspects of this case which remain unexplained.

We still do not know who killed the two men (later identified as members of the extremist group the Isfahan) who attacked Lauren Kyte on 22 September, nor the armed intruders who were subsequently found dead at her abode. Nor can I find any medical rationale for the highly anomalous post-mortem findings on their bodies.

It would seam impossible, for instance, that comminution of the hyoid bone and crushing of the larynx and oesophagus could take place without any evidence whatsoever of external abrasions and tissue damage, and yet this was the case with all four victims.

Furthermore, I am unable to explain the photograph taken by Agent Mulder of the upper window of Lauren Kyte's house, which clearly depicts the figure of her former employer and friend Howard Graves - a man who had died three weeks previously.

I found Lauren Kyte to be a sincere and credible source of information. Despite my inability to accept that she gained knowledge of the murder of Howard Graves through paranormal means (allegedly by communication with Graves himself) I believe that this is her honest perception of the situation, and note a ruse to conceal her complicity in any criminal undertakings.

Although I participated in the warranted search of HTG Industrial Technologies' premises, I was not present in Robert Dorlund's office when the carefully concealed micro-disk was discovered.

I am therefore unable to corroborate Agent Mulder's claims that it's whereabouts were revealed by a spontaneous supernatural occurrence.

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