Where are your glasses, Martha?!? It's red, dammit! Can't you see it's red!?

Livin’ Bernie Sanders’s Danish Dream

Time people stopped thinking Socialism will lead to a better America.

American capitalism has always been distinct from continental European capitalism. We’ve had more entrepreneurial creativity but less security. Our system has favored higher living standards for consumers while theirs has favored stability for employees and producers.

For the past several decades, the United States has had a bipartisan consensus that we should stick to our style of capitalism and our style of welfare state. There has always been a broad consensus that a continent-size nation like ours had to be diverse and decentralized, with a vibrant charitable sector and a great variety of spending patterns and lifestyles.

American values have always been biased toward individualism, achievement and flexibility — nurturing disruptive dynamos like Bell Labs, Walmart, Whole Foods, Google and Apple — and less toward dirigisme, order and economic equality.

It’s amazing that a large part of the millennial generation has rejected this consensus. In supporting Bernie Sanders they are not just supporting a guy who is mad at Wall Street. They are supporting a guy who fundamentally wants to reshape the American economic system, and thus reshape American culture and values. As he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, he wants to make us more like northern Europe.


Going.... Going.... Gorn!

Or.... Gorn in 60 Seconds?

Where are your glasses, Martha?!? It's red, dammit! Can't you see it's red!?

Don't drive angry

Thanks Bob, Penelope and Pops for those captions!

Very mature and responsible Deadpool. Glad to see you manned up and said what had to be said.

Take time out your busy day and pay attention to your kids. Godzilla is going to regret this one day.

Get the Altrusian ... he has betrayed us ... the beat ... the beat is addicting. Everybody dance.

The library isn't screwing around anymore!

Bloom County is an American comic strip by Berkeley Breathed which originally ran from December 8, 1980, until August 6, 1989. It examined events in politics and culture through the viewpoint of a fanciful small town in Middle America, where children often have adult personalities and vocabularies and where animals can talk. It originated from a comic strip known as The Academia Waltz, which Breathed produced for the student newspaper, The Daily Texan, while attending the University of Texas.

On July 12, 2015, Breathed started drawing Bloom County again. The first revived strip was published via Facebook on July 13, 2015 - Read More

78 Years Ago Today, BBC Aired the First Science Fiction Television Program

Dooctor Who may be the world’s longest-running science fiction television series, but it’s not the oldest sci-fi program to have been broadcast on television. That honor goes to another BBC production, which first aired 78 years ago today: a live recording of Karel Čapek’s seminal play, R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots).


Written by Čapek in 1920, R.U.R. is a cornerstone not just for science fiction, but also real-life technological advancements – famously, Čapek coined the Czech word “robota” to mean an artificially created person, which was later translated into English as “robot.” On the surface, however, Rossum’s robots have very little to do with the various machines that use the term today.

As Noah Berlatsky writes for the Atlantic:

[R.U.R.] imagined its artificial servants not as metal men of nuts and bolts, but as biological products, much like clones. Domin, the robot-factory manager in the play, cheerfully gives a tour pointing out "the spinning mill for nerves. The spinning mill for veins. The spinning mill where miles and miles of digestive tract are made at once." These first robots were fleshy, goopy beings that grew like biological critters. In the play, robots are basically human bodies borne of mechanical production and process.

Read More

Star Wars: The Empire Strips Back
Yep, there's a Star Wars burlesque parody now.
Posted by HuffPost Australia on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stop Rebel Scum ... and take it off ... take it all off!

Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to violence!

Russ Meyer is a filmmaker who has made some 25 successful independent movies and has managed to keep control over every aspect of his film making from editing to distribution. He even owns all of his negatives. Although he hasn’t made a movie in over 25 years, he apparently starts and stops projects all the time, and is supposedly working on a mysterious and lengthy autobiography. His best movie, ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ (1965) still makes the midnight rounds, reminding us of what an energetic and fearless filmmaker he is.

In ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ Tura Satana is racing her Porsche in the desert against cars driven by her female lover (Haji) and another go-go dancer (Lori Williams). Following the race, they kill a young car enthusiast, (Satana breaking the back of the boyfriend with one swift karate move) and kidnap his perky girlfriend (Playboy centerfold, December 1966, Sue Bernard). They hit the road and discover a run-down ranch owned by a sinister elderly man in a wheelchair (Stuart Lancaster), his dim-witted brute of a son named Vegetable (Dennis Busch), and his other, seemingly normal, son (Paul Trinka). Apparently, the old man has a fortune stashed away and the girls plot to get their hands on it any way they can.

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Give em hell Ronnie!

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