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Throwback Thursday - The Los Angeles Rams Are On The Clock

Written By: Ken Hulsey For NFL fans the annual draft of collegiant talent is something very much like Christmas. Though every draft has it's fair amount of suspense, no draft in recent history has had quite this much drama. Indeed this year's draft has featured it's own version of "the ultimate question". When the Los Angeles Rams traded for the first pick in this years draft it was more than obvious to almost everyone that they would be selecting a quarterback with the selection. For over a decade the Rams have had trouble securing a high level player at the position and the acquisition of this years top pick provides the first true opportunity to acquire the type of player the team has desperately needed. This years draft class is considered to be thin at the QB position yet two players have risen to the top of the heap, University of California's Jared Goff and University of South Dakota's Carson Wentz. Goff put up huge numbers at Cal, while Wen

Russia's First Superhero Movie... Now With Added Bear-Man!

Not all Guardians guard the galaxy, some are content to stay in Mother Russia and defend it from supernatural threats. Russia's first superhero film, Guardians ( aka Zaschitniki ) is a lush, $20 million flick from Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan, that tells the story of four Soviet superheroes, created during the Cold War by a secret organization named Patriot. The heroes' DNA was modified in order to grant them powers to protect the homeland from exotic roblems. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the quartet remained in hiding until they are called back into action by the return of "an evil from the past". Guardians is due for release in Russia on February 23, 2017. The superteam consists of: Arsus aka Wildman (Anton Pampushniy), a mighty shapeshifting werebear; speedster Khan (Sanzhar Madiev); Ler aka Landman (Sebastian Sisak Grigoryan), a hero with telekinetic power over rocks and earth; and Xenia aka Waterwoman (Alina Lanina), a fast and agil

Some genius built a life-size replica of an AT-ST from Star Wars

By Andrew J . Hawkins - The Verge A short time ago, on a wind-swept plain not that far away, there sat a thing of beauty: a life-size replica of the All Terrain Scout Transport from Return of the Jedi. Made of timber, plastic, and bits of scrap metal, the scout walker stands at a little over 27 feet tall, seats two, and appears to have a functional chin-mounted laser cannon. And by "functional," I mean it moves up and down and makes "pew pew" noises. If you're like me, you have many questions. How did this get made? Who is the master craftsman behind this? And where can it be found, so I can jump inside and reenact my eight-year-old fantasies of mowing down wave after wave of annoying Ewoks because, let's be honest, the Battle of Endor was some bullshit and there's no way a handful of teddy bears with prehistoric technology could have defeated a squadron of fully armed stormtroopers, not to mention at least four AT-STs with laser cannons and concus