This 1966 Batman party was way more fun than 'Batman v Superman'

by Alex Q. Arbuckle - Mashable

In January 1966, ABC premiered its Batman television series, starring Adam West as the caped crusader and Burt Ward as Robin.

Rather than a grim and dark take on the orphaned billionaire who spends his nights beating up petty criminals, the series was a campy half-hour comedy with colorful visuals and after-school special lessons on important topics, such as eating your vegetables.

The premiere episode also gifted the world with a new dance, the Batusi, where a dancer makes horizontal Vs with his fingers and draws them across his face.

On the night of the premiere, a party was held to celebrate. In attendance were Batman creator Bob Kane, Penguin actor Burgess Meredith and, of course, an enthusiastic guy in a Batman costume.

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