Feeding Frenzy - How To Get Your Fix

Here at Monster Island News we care very deeply about our readers. That is why we have worked very hard to make it as easy as possible to access our content. After hours of deep thought we developed a series pages focused on specific topics to make it easier for our readers to find articles that match their interests. Each of these pages comes with it's own unique RSS feed so fans of the site can add content to their own personal readers (Feedspot, etc.), blogs and websites!

Here is the list:

The Latest Entertainment News - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/3/feed

Articles About Movies - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/4/feed

Articles About TV Series - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/5/feed

Articles About Pop Culture - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/7/feed

Articles About The Paranormal - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/6/feed

Articles About Our Sexy Friday Girls - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/9/feed

Items For Sale In Our Monster Store - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/8/feed

Read Stories From Our Vault - http://monsterislandnews.weebly.com/10/feed

I hope you all enjoy these! - Ken

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