You Really Haven't Lived Until You Have Seen The Japanese Spider-Man TV Show - This Week's Top Features

In this series Spider-Man isn't some geeky science loving newspaper photographer named Peter Parker. Oh no, he is a bad ass motorcycle racer named Takuya Yamashiro.

In true Japanese fashion this Spider-Man doesn't waste his time taking on light-weights like "The Vulture" or "Doctor Octopus." Japanese Spidey fights giant monsters with the aide of his "Voltron-like" robot from space.


The Wolf Man (1941)(Universal)

The Wolf Man was not the first werewolf film to be produced by Universal, that distinction belongs to “Werewolf of London” which flopped at the box office in 1935. The film starred popular character actor Henry Hull in a far more subtle makeup job by Jack Pierce, the same man who transformed Lon Chaney Jr. Into the Wolf Man six years later. Many fans that have seen this earlier effort have commented that the werewolf looked far more menacing than the version that came after.


Top Of The Charts - MIN's Music Lists For Friday June 3, 2016

Here are the top ten songs from our Spotify playlist (Top List):

1. (6) Cilver — I'm America
2. (7) Pet Shop Boys — The Pop Kids
3. (3) School of Seven Bells — Ablaze
4. (1) Cardiknox — Into The Night
5. (2) Mayer Hawthorne — A Long Time
6. (New) ​Cilver — Break Free
7. (New) Band of Skulls — Bodies
8. (New) Lettuce — Move on Up
9. (New) ABC — Viva Love
10. (New) BROODS — Couldn't Believe


Christine Nguyen - MIN's Friday Girl

Born in Saigon and raised in Texas, Christine Nguyen now calls home Los Angeles. Christine’s motto in life is to try everything o­nce, if possible, and to never regret the past, just to learn from it. With a degree in journalism and graphic design, she brings a sense of style and eloquence to all her endeavors. Having also gone to law school, she is a prime example of brains and beauty. Her resume spans radio, television, film, commercials, spokesmodeling and print.


Vintage STAR WARS TV Adds Sold Everything!

Do you think that your kids are crazy about Star Wars now? Well you should have been around in the late 70s and 80s when Star Wars fever was in full effect! Back in the day SW merchandise was literally everywhere and it's logo and characters were on everything. The popularity of the film and anything related to it were used to peddle everything from kids underwear to Japanese tuna as this collection of vintage commercials will demonstrate.


The Creature No Longer Walks Among Us - Ben Chapman (1928 - 2008)

Ben Chapman passed away at 12:15 am Hawaii time on Thursday, February 21 at the VA hospital in Honolulu. His health began to deteriorate February 12 and he was admitted to the hospital on February 20. His life support was turned off Wednesday evening and his pacemaker was turned off shortly before he died. He died peacefully with his wife, Merrilee, and son, Ben Chapman III, by his side.


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