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Emma Frost: Higher Learning #5

From View Obscura Comics $4.99 - Check it out here! Written by KARL BOLLERS Pencils by RANDY GREEN; Cover by GREG HORN "HIGHER LEARNING" pt. 5 (of 6) After the disaster that happened with the entire family, they were all at the airport to see Christian leave. Christian has decided to leave town and their family because of his life style and his father's disapproval. Later that night, Emma sees her mother sitting alone in a room. She talks to her and realizes that her mother is going to do nothing about her father fondling another woman. Emma gets mad at her mother and grabs her shoulder, it caused both of them to see what Emma saw her father doing. Her mother goes into a seizure. Later her brother calls her and tells her that their father fired him. Emma storms into her father's office to tell him to stop messing with Christian. Emma tells her father off and he was left in awe. Her mother finally wakes up out of a coma. Emma later visits her brother and watche

Godzilla To Star In New Universal Studios Japan Attraction

by Armand Vaquer Above, Godzilla in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Photo by Armand Vaquer. Since Toho Studios in the Setagaya district of Tokyo is a 100% working studio with no rides, tours or attractions (except for the Godzilla and Seven Samurai murals and the Godzilla statue, what would be the next best thing? According to Malay Mail Online : TOKYO, Aug 2 — Universal Studios Japan has revealed an all-new, 4D attraction set to debut at next year’s “Universal Cool Japan 2017” event, which will bring the Japanese legend of “Godzilla” to life.  The Osaka-based resort revealed yesterday, August 1 that it will debut the multi-sensory experience “Godzilla: The Real 4D” early next year (at a date to be announced later), while the Universal Cool Japan 2017 event kicks off January 13, 2017.  The attraction, based on the hit franchise, will see guests personally confront a giant, 118.5-meter-tall “Godzilla” rampaging through the city. To read more, go here .