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Rare Superman Comic Book Goes Up For Auction

Action Comics #28 - September 1940 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VG View Obscura Comics is proud to announce the auction of our copy of the ultra rare "Action Comics #28, September 1940 Issue". As most of you know pre World War II comic books are very hard to find and come up for auction only once in a blue moon. We are very honored to be able to provide collectors an opportunity to own a very important part of comic book history. (Starting bid: $500) Place Your Bid Now Before It's Gone! Search for more rare comics at our online store - HERE Action Comics #28 - September 1940 Issue - DC Comics - Grade VG 1st printing. This comic book is in used condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has flaws that warrant a VG grade. Note: Cover attached with tape (full length of spine) Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded! Superman, Pep Morgan, Black Pirate (art by Sheldon Moldoff), Three Aces, Tex Thompson (art by Bernard B

A Silver Age Comic Book Bonanza - New In Our Store!

New arrivals at View Obscura Comics ! Avengers #13, February 1965 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade G The Avengers prevent the Maggia from commiting another crime. Count Nefaria decides he needs to put the Avengers out of action. As no one knows he is the leader of the Maggia, he holds a party in his castle and invites the Avengers. While they sleep after the party Nefaria makes copies of each of the Avengers who he commands to declare war on the United States. When the real Avengers leave the party they are attacked by the Army. They discover what has happened and pursue and battle Nefaria, getting evidence from him that proves their innocence. However, in the battle, the Wasp is critically injured. Adventure Comics #291 - December 1961 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G/VG When Superboy declares that his “ideal woman” is Cleopatra, Lana Lang pretends to be the Egyptian princess herself, yanked through time and space by an invention of her uncle, Professor Phineas Potter. But Superboy

Godzilla Still Fueled By Japan's Anxieties

by Armand Vaquer Above, the Godzilla mural at Toho Studios in Setagaya. Photo by Armand Vaquer. The box office numbers for Shin Godzilla in Japan are the best the giant beast has seen since the Heisei Series (or Series 2) of the 1990s. Godzilla is well on the way to reclaiming his (or its) box office champion crown. A new article on Godzilla by the Japan Times has been posted. They refer to the King of the Monsters as being in "middle age", which is nice, considering Godzilla and I both arrived on the scene in 1954. It is preferable than saying "old". The article begins with: Within one month of its July release, Toho’s “Shin Gojira” (“Godzilla Resurgence”) attracted more than 3.6 million viewers. Box-office takings are already estimated to have surpassed ¥5.3 billion, putting the film more than halfway toward the seldom-attained figure of ¥10 billion. Toho has great expectations it will eclipse the success of “Bayside Shakedown,” the film spinoff o