Excerpted from orders to Captain James T. Kirk

(Excerpted from orders to Captain James T. Kirk)

III. You are therefore posted, effective immediately, to command the following: The U.S.S. ENTERPRISE

Cruiser Class - Gross 190,000 tons.
Crew Compliment - 430 persons
Drive - space-warp
Range - 18 years at light-year velocity
Registry - Earth, United Space Ship

IV. Nature and duration of mission:

Galaxy exploration and investigation: 5 years

V. Where possible, you will confine your landings and contacts to Class "M" planets approximating Earth-Mars conditions.

VI. You will conduct this patrol to accomplish primarily:

(a) Earth security, via explorations of intelligence and social systems capable of galaxial threat, and
(b) Scientific investigation to add to the Earth's body of knowledge of alien life forms and social systems, and
(c) any required assistance to the several Earth colonies in your quadrant, and the enforcement of appropriate statues affecting such Federated commerce vessels and traders as you may contact in the course of your mission.


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