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25% Off Spring Cleaning Sale Underway At View Obscura Comics

(March 26th 2017, Victorville, CA)  View Obscura Comics & Toys , the number one rated retailer for comic books, toys and memorabilia on Etsy, is proud to announce our annual "Spring Cleaning Sale'. Save 25% off store wide by entering the coupon code:  SPRING17  at the time of purchase. This sale applies to every single item in our catalog so hurry before the items you love are gone!   We have been busy of late adding issues from the DC Comics Rebirth including  Batman ,  Superman ,  The Flash ,  Wonder Woman , and  The Justice League . - All 25% Off! Also included in this sale are the  Walmart exclusive Star Wars Black series action figures  that have been selling out in stores all over the country. Once these are gone, they are GONE folks so don't hesitate or you will miss out! Speaking of Star Wars, and who doesn't love Star Wars honestly?, we presently have a  large collection of Vintage SW toys online . Relive your childhood or discover the child

Vintage Gappa Monster 1/450 Model Kit ARII - Unopened Box

Vintage Gappa Monster 1/450 Model Kit ARII - Unopened Box Price:  $34.99 - Order Here Vintage Gappa Monster 1/450 Model Kit ARII - Unopened Box NM in box-never opened Out of production model. This figure is highly detailed and articulated. An expedition from Tokyo heads to Obelisk Island, which the greedy Mr. Funazu, president of "Playmate Magazine", wants to turn into a resort. The natives of Obelisk welcome the expedition, but two members, Hiroshi and Itoko, venture into a forbidden area despite the pleas of a native boy named Saki. They enter a cavern blocked by a fallen statue and find a giant egg, out of which hatches a baby monster, a "bird-lizard", referred to as a "Gappa". The natives plead with the skeptical scientists not to take the baby away, lest it anger the baby's parents. Sure enough, they take the baby away, and soon, inside the caverns, its two parents rise from the underground waters beneath the volcano, destroying everyth