Revenge of the Lost ... or When Bad CGI Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

Written By Ken Hulsey

What would you do if dinosaurs came back to life for some reason and started eating up your neighbors? Well you may get the bright idea to head to the nearest military base for help. Hey they got all the guns right? But what if you found out that the military was actually performing bizarre scientifc experiments in hopes of creating a supervirus to destroy mankind? Great, if the dinosaurs don't get us the military will. This is turning out to be a really sucky day isn't it?

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Such is the story behind Erik Franklin's bad CGI monsterfest entitled, "Revenge of the Lost", which I assume was inspired by both "Contagion" and "Land of the Lost."

Here is the trailer:

If that's not enough for you this baaaad boy is ready to stream over on Amazon - Here


A group of three survivors must make their way through the dinosaur apocalypse to a military base, the last safe place on earth. Once there, they come across a plot that’s more terrifying than the dinosaurs themselves.

DIRECTOR: Erik Franklin

WRITERS: Erik Franklin, Daniel Husser

STARRING: Ivey Bronwen, Erik Franklin, Jerry Nash, Matt White, Erika Chang, Jay G. Hill

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