"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" Being Remade In Oregon - First Images

The 2016 remake of the same name, The Brain That Wouldn't Die is a satirical take on the story, utilizing both the intentional and unintentional comedic elements of the original, while bolstering the characters and plot. Directed by Derek Carl and written by Hank Huffman, the team behind the short film Bad Seed (2015) and the upcoming web series Y2K 2000 (2016), the remake proudly wears its influences on its sleeve, from the colorful gore-fest Re-Animator to the exceedingly funny The Man with Two Brains.

The film will be shot in Portland, Oregon, with a local cast and crew.

Combining elements of Gothic horror, film noir and science fiction, The Brain That Wouldn't Die is a charming, if not delightfully flawed, entry from director Joseph Green and producer Rex Carlton. Filmed in 1959 and released in '62, “Brain” follows the misadventures of Dr. Bill Cortner (Jason Evers), a brilliant surgeon who revives the head of his recently decapitated fiancee, Jan Compton (Virginia Leith), in hopes of finding her a new body.

Problem is, not any old body will do. Bill unashamedly seeks a “perfect body,” a task that takes him through the seedier parts of the city, from smoky cabarets to sleazy swimsuit competitions. All the while, an irate Jan, desperate to bring an end to her suffering, plots her revenge...

Thirty years after its release, the film gained notoriety when it was featured on the comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, in an episode that marked the debut of Mike Nelson, who, along with the Bots, dubbed the severed-headed heroine as “Jan in the Pan” – a phrase which was readily embraced by fans of the series and film alike.

A brilliant transplant surgeon revives the head of his recently decapitated fiancee in hopes of finding her a new body.

Directed by Derek Carl

Screenplay by Hank Huffman

Original writers Rex Carlton and Joseph Green

Starring Rachael Perrell Fosket, Patrick Green, Jason Reynolds, Mia Allen, Robert Blanche

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