RED TIDE: There's Something On The Boat ... Some Thing

While tracking radiation from a nuclear disaster in the Pacific Ocean, a group of scientists discover an abandoned research ship and find themselves in a deadly fight to stop a mutation from destroying the world.

Red Tide : Concept Trailer from Red Tide on Vimeo.

Dr. Alex Chen, a world-renown marine biologist spends her days studying the effects of a major nuclear disaster on sea life in the Pacific Ocean.

See Also: Unknown Worlds #5, February 1974 Issue - Marvel Comics

When Alex is invited to join a small team of scientists to do research in the remote waters off the coast of Alaska, the group discovers an abandoned Japanese research ship that has run aground after a violent storm that has also leaves Alex's group stranded, and unable to communicate with civilization.

On-board the ship, Alex and the team learn a terrible truth: the ship is has become a nest of mutated creatures spawned from a genetic medical experiment gone horribly wrong.

Unable to escape from the infected ship adrift in freezing waters, the team, one by one, is overcome by the mutations. Alex soon has no choice but to stop the spread of the creatures alone, even if it means sacrificing herself.

If she fails, mankind will be overcome by this new, evolutionary predator.

Who will survive the RED TIDE?

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