Geek-O-Rama: Waste Not Want Not

"I hope I've shown you how to treat a lady. Next time I'll have to get rough."

They are two of the most popular female characters in gaming, so it's no surprise they're so popular among cosplayers. What's even more amazing is that they're both from the same game. Capcom's Darkstalkers debuted in arcades back in 1994 before moving on to the Playstation a couple of years later, and after numerous sequels, American cartoons, Japanese anime, books, comics, and cross-overs into other games, its greatest legacy may still be Morrigan and Felicia.


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Good news, everyone! Futurama Is Returning As A Radio Show ... Okay Podcast

Good news, everyone! If you, like so many of us, spend every waking hour of every day wishing that Futurama was still on TV, you’re in luck: the cast and creators of Futurama have joined forces with TinyCo, a Jam City company, and Chris Hardwick to bring you a brand new episode of the show! Yes, you read that right. Next week on September 14th, we will debut a new radioplay episode of Futurama on The Nerdist Podcast in its entirety. You can also unlock bonus content in advance in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. For more details, check out the countdown page at!

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Is CBS About To Ruin 'Star Trek Discovery' By Making It Political?

If this article by Carli Velocci of The Wrap is correct, CBS is about to ruin their new 'Star Trek' series 'Discovery' by potentialy pushing a left-wing agenda and trying to associate the series perennial villains, the Klingons, with supporters of president Donald Trump:

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Celebrate Harley Quinn (Batman) Day on September 23rd!

The annual fan-favorite event, now in its fourth year, was first introduced to honor Batman’s 75th anniversary. This year, in honor of Harley Quinn’s 25th anniversary, BATMAN DAY will also feature the immensely popular Clown Princess of Crime who burst into our lives when she debuted on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992.

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Harley Quinn: Master of Her Domain - Sneak Peak

Harley and the Penguin struck an uneasy truce the first time he started extending his criminal empire into New York City... but now he's plotting a massive real estate deal right in Harley's Coney Island -- including coming after her own building!

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Riddle Me This, Who's Affraid Of The Big Black Bat?

The War of Jokes and Riddles takes a shocking turn in this week’s BATMAN as the hapless Kite Man sides with the Joker, only to find himself shut down by the Riddler’s newest soldier—Batman! Can it really be?

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Women of Fantasy: Cat de Lynn as Elektra

Texas model Cat de Lynn delves into cosplay the hard way, via a jaw-dropping body paint job by Vivienne Vermuth. Ben Britt took the photographs.

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Space: 1999 (1975-1977)(Gerry Anderson)(ITV)

John Koenig (MARTIN LANDAU) is commander of the mission to be launched from Earth's Space Research Centre at Moonbase Alpha. He has just returned to the Moon to oversee the momentous adventure, but the probe is already in jeopardy. Two of the deep space astronauts have been stricken with a mystery illness which has already claimed nine lives. All, but the astronauts, have been working at the Nuclear Disposal Area Two on the dark side of the Moon to which nuclear waste from Earth has been consigned.

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