The Alien Visitors: Our Friends

From Deadline Hollywood

Sci-fi classic vehicle V is being revived as a film by Desilu Studios, with the new version of the former TV series written and directed by the original ’80s series creator, Kenneth Johnson.

Called V The Movie, the film’s casting and a release date are not yet determined. It will be produced by John Hermansen and Barry Opper.

The original two-part miniseries aired on NBC in 1983, telling the story of an alien invasion by a reptilian race disguising themselves as humans. While some humans rejoiced at their new overlords and willingly cooperated, a human resistance quickly emerged. And good thing it did – it was discovered that (spoiler alert) the reptilians were using the cooperating humans as (wait for it) – food!

The original miniseries was enormously popular, giving birth to a 1984 sequel, V: The Final Battle; a 1985 show called V: The Series that quickly went away; and finally, a 2009 reboot that lasted two seasons and left a lot of loose ends.

Johnson has not been involved in the series since V: The Final Battle, departing then because of alleged creative differences with NBC. He then wrote a novel, V: The Second Generation, and came up with the Alien Nation TV series (and its subsequent TV movies).