Tonight I should have stayed at home playing with my pleasure zone

Imagine my surprise when I found this article:

From Indie Wire

Betty Dodson has made a career out of teaching women to masturbate, but she’s only one woman. “You first have to be self-sexual, and then you can have sex with other people,” Dodson said recently, summarizing a life philosophy that has crowned her the grand dame of radical sex positivity. “The love affair — the sex affair — that we have with ourselves is the primary one. It should be ongoing throughout our life, and we should honor it.”

When earnest and tasteful portrayals of women masturbating start to crop up in Oscar-nominated films, however, that’s a marked cultural shift toward embracing women’s pleasure. Not at the hands of a man, or any partner for that matter, and — most importantly — with women as the masters of their own pleasure — not simply as a source of it for others.

Twice in “The Shape of Water,” the most-nominated film of the season, Elisa (Sally Hawkins) is seen in her morning bath, one foot up on the clawfoot tub, the water splashing gently around her as she quickly rubs one out. It’s just one part of a morning routine that involves boiling an egg and shining her shoes. The film’s director Guillermo del Toro very intentionally sandwiched Elisa’s morning delight between these mundane morning tasks.

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Wow! If the Gill-Man can get your motor running like that ... I honestly don't know how to end this.