Little Do They Know That They Are Warriors For The "Evil Empire" Not The "Resistance"

The first thing that popped into my mind was when Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

Check out this craziness:

The "resistance warriors" are coming.

From The Associated Press

Hundreds of liberal candidates, most running in state and municipal elections this fall, are streaming into Washington this week as the Democratic Party's left flank intensifies in its push to seize control of Congress, statehouses and local governments across the country.

They are excited. They are angry. And animated by opposition to President Donald Trump, they are ready to fight any calls to moderate their liberal passions.

"We're at a moment when we need to be unapologetic," said Greg Edwards, one of a half dozen Democrats running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 7th district, which is considered a prime pickup opportunity for his party.

An "ardent" supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election, Edwards wants a single-payer health care system, universal preschool, "debt-free" college and a $15-per-hour minimum wage. And he knocks "centrists" in his own party who may be willing to compromise their liberal values to get elected.

Let me burst the bubble if I can. "Debt-Free" college is one of the most misleading statements I've ever heard. The idea of free collage may sound good to today's youth but what they are overlooking is the simple fact that nothing is quote unquote "free", someone has to pay for it and that someone is the American taxpayer. How much would everyone's taxes have to go up to fund such an endeavor? Let us not forget to mention that not everyone could attend a "free" college simply because their simply isn't enough schools for everyone to attend ... that is unless more are built, which again the cost would fall on the taxpayer.

When it comes to a $15 minimum wage ... well I defer to Roasanne, "...cause you’re a goodhearted person who can’t do simple math."

Let me try to explain it to you simply. If a certain department in a company is allocated $30 an hour for a labor and is run by three $10 dollars an hour workers an increase of $15 and hour would likely cause this to happen. Since the budget for that department is $30 it would be safe to assume that the company would now only be able to afford to keep two workers on staff instead of three. That means that one employee would loose their job while the remaining two would have to work much harder to replace the productivity of the now absent worker. Likewise if a company simply couldn't make do with the reduction in labor it would be forced to raise the cost of their products or services to compensate for the wage increases.

So to put it simply a $15 minimum wage would lead to mass unemployment, mass inflation, or both therefore nullifying the increase in wages .

Let us not overlook the fact that all the present $15 an hour employees will demand an increase in their pay simply because they would now be earning minimum wage. I think we can all see the domino effect that would have.

This collection of energized Democrats, described as "resistance warriors" by organizers, is convinced that their party will lose this fall if it doesn't embrace a broad slate of uncompromising progressive candidates who deliver "an Elizabeth Warren-style economic populist message," said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which coordinated this week's gathering along with the Sanders-backed Our Revolution.

"Not only can you run on your values and win, but it is necessary to do so in some of these red districts," Green said.

Liberal icons Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will headline a program that's designed to give lesser-known Democratic candidates at all levels a crash course on winning in the Trump era.

Participants will learn how to look good on television, find donors, design websites and, perhaps most importantly, develop a message around progressive economic priorities. The progressive movement's most aggressive allies are expected to be on hand: groups such as Indivisible, Planned Parenthood and the AFL-CIO.

Boy, they still don't understand why they lost do they?

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  1. I wonder how much wages would have risen in this country if liberal policies (from both parties) hadn't let in so many illegal aliens?

    After instituting single-payer, then they can take away the second and first amendments, in that order. Of course, then they'll have to institute knife-control laws like in England.

    1. Illegal aliens in the US (I speak as an AZ native and NM denizen) are taking jobs no one else wants and which will eventually be automated anyway. The impact is trivial, and the businesses who are hiring them are doing so off the books, and would never hire actual citizens for those jobs. The best solution here is to actually hold those businesses accountable for the unethical practice of hiring illegal aliens but the laws were changed in the 80's to largely absolve the persons supporting the illegal workforce of complicity. It's another case of the US targeting the wrong cause; as if these businesses are mere innocents who can't help but hire the illegal aliens.

  2. This is what happens when the extremes are in charge. We can't have a coherent discussion about wage issues. I am fortunate as an employer and business owner that I can afford to start my employees at $16/hour, when most comparable local businesses are paying $10, but I want longevity, competence and loyalty and I am willing to pay for it....but I can also afford to, and allot the money to do so. Your example of the $30 allotment does not address the question of what the business can afford. The hard left assumes all businesses are maximizing profit for the owner at the employee's expense, and we know that's only true in certain cases; many businesses (particularly retail and small businesses in general) are operating on fine margins so it may not be possible to pay a $15 wage out of the blue. But it doesn't change the question about how, economically, a business can be sustainable in an economy that can't afford to provide a living wage to its employees.

    I'm a democrat but I'm not even remotely in favor of the hard left approach you reference. We can't address the idea of debt free college when we're cutting taxes while spending more at the Federal level, leading to never ending, crippling debt. Neither side appears to have a strategy other than to tank it and see what happens, and we are all trapped in the middle arguing over a fence about issues that should not be described in such simple "us vs. them" terms, with rhetoric designed to mitigate and demean the opposition rather than reach out to try and start mending happening on both sides.

    So on the question at hand: don't say, "businesses can't afford this," but rather ask how we can fix it so that business can both afford a living wage and have a culture that respects the need for such. On such issues as "debt free college" as the question of how we're going to address the crippling debt students face today and why we aren't attempting to reform the disaster that the student loan system has turned in to over the last three decades of deregulation and abuse.


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