Marvel vs DC: Science Has The Answers

From Movie Web

A new scientific study finally explains why Marvel does so much better at the box office than DC and the results aren't exactly what you'd expect. Fans of the franchises and critics seem to have their own theories as to why one is better than the other and some will even argue that DC makes better movies, but the topic almost always ends up in an argument about who's better, from the comics to the cinematic universes. This new study aims to put those arguments to rest and explain why Marvel comes out on top using a technology called Affectiva.

A new study done by ZappiStore, an automated research tech provider, claims that Marvel does better at the box office because they are able to emotionally engage their audiences better than DC can. The study was conducted using Affectiva, which when partnered with a standard web camera, can effectively measure facial expressions on a moment by moment basis in real-time. The subjects were shown Marvel and DC movie trailers while being watched by the Affectiva software and monitored the emotional engagement with the viewers.

Though the participants were only shown the trailer for the movies, there was a lot of data to be collected. For instance, DC movies seemed to get their best response when something utilizing CGI and other special effects were shown on the screen. However, there was not a lot of movement at all when the DC characters were present on the screen alone. Marvel movies on the other hand, were able to get positive reactions during all points of the trailers, including special effects and character emotional engagement. Humor was also a deciding factor in showing the emotional depth of the Marvel trailers, showing that overall, they resonated far better than the DC trailers.

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