Solo: Check Out The Cool Samurai-esque Mandalorian Armor!

I'm being very cautious with my excitement about "Solo: A Star Wars Story" (After seeing 'The Last Jedi', which was beyond terrible) but I have to say that the more and more I see from it makes me very optimistic.

From io9

Empire has some new pictures, including an interesting one of Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos, “a facially-scarred ‘big-shot’ criminal overlord who recruits a crew of reprobates for a heist.” Note the samurai-esque Mandalorian armor in the background, previously seen in the blurry background of a set photo from Ron Howard, which had some believing Boba Fett could make an appearance in the movie. He still could, of course, but now we know that this set of armor is specifically is not Fett’s.

The magazine also has an image of Han, perilously hanging off the side of the Conveyex train (start your “Han Dies in Solo: A Star Wars Story” rumors now!) on the snowy world that’s been a huge part of the two trailers, and which finally has a name: Vandor.