Onechanbara - A Hot Asian Girl In A Bikini Killing Zombies Kinda Movie

Onechanbara is a Japanese movie based on a popular video game series in which a girl named Aya (Played By Eri Otoguro) and her little sister Saki (Played By Chise Nakamura) protect their metropolis from a marauding zombie attack.

Okay, what could be cooler than a hot Asian girl, dressed in a red bikini and wearing a cowboy hat, killing zombies with a katana?

Originally the Onechanbara (The Onee Chanbara) was an action game series developed by Tamsoft for D3's Simple 2000 series for the PlayStation 2 and later ported on cellular phones, Xbox 360 and Wii. Most of the titles are Japan-exclusives, but some have been released as Zombie Zone or Zombie Hunters by 505 Game Street in Europe.

Fans here in America may not be familiar with the video game versions of Onechambara, but the film is sure to draw some attention from anime and Asian cinema fanboys.

If you loved Cutie Honey than you are sure to get a kick out of Onechanbara.


Based on the popular PS2 game series, feature film OneChanbara (a.k.a. Chanbara Beauty) brings the adventures of sexy slayer Aya to the big screen in all its katakana-wielding, zombie-slicing glory. Written and directed by Fukada Yohei, OneChanbara stars three pin-up idols in the leading action heroine roles. Up-and-coming siren Otoguro Eri (Shutter, Shaolin Girl) cuts fine form as the feisty heroine Aya, slashing her way through the movie in the character's signature cowgirl attire - cowboy hat, cowboy boots, long scarf, and a bikini. To defend her city, she has to take on a quickly multiplying army of zombies that was raised from the dead by a mysterious scientist. Aya is joined in the fight by biker chick Reiko (Hashimoto Manami) who is out to avenge her father's death and Aya's half-sister Saki (Nakamura Chise, Swing Girls) who suddenly shows up in a schoolgirl uniform with a saber of her own.