Sexy Star Wars Burlesque Vixen Courtney Cruz Talks!

By Jason Romanjuk

JR: How did you make the transition from alternative model to burlesque performer?

CC: I started by producing fashion shows for a Halloween event here in Los Angeles for 5 yrs called the Masquerade Ball. I have always been into costumes and characters and with a backround in dance growing up I combined the two .

JR: How long have you been promoting burlesque shows with The Devil's Playground?

CC: I started devil's playground 4 years ago.

JR: Is there a Certain numbers of Devil's Playground shows that we will see each year?

CC: I have been producing 12 shows a year for the last 4 yrs .

JR: Will you be performing shows at other venues? Like down in Orange County?

CC: I'm definately interested in expanding the shows to the OC. We did go to San Diego to perform for Comic Con last year that was really fun :)

JR: Now the big question... How did you come to be putting on the Scifi Burlesque shows?

CC: I grew up on all this stuff. Its a personal love of mine.

JR: Can I get you to spill the beans on what the theme of your next burlesque show will be?

CC: July 16th at House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood we will be putting on a larger production. More like a burlesque theater production of " COMIC BOOK VIXENS ..."