The Rougarou Roams The Bayous of Louisiana "The State of Monsters"

As many of you know I have made quite a name for myself over the past decade for writing a series of articles about the myths and legends that have stirred peoples imaginations for decades in the golden state of California. The most popular of these articles was the one that I co wrote with my wife Terri about Bigfoot sightings in the desert regions of Southern California. That article was quoted in several prominent works about the legendary cryptid as well as being prominently featured on Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce website.

Now that I have left California and its insane cost of living and rising crime rates for the land of God fearing, level headed folk here in Louisiana I thought that it would be in my best interest to find out just what kind of creatures are lurking in the bayou that runs literally a stones throw from my front door.

According to reports, there be werewolves about.

In the swampy bayous of the south, the beast is known as the “rougarou” or the “loup-garou.” The legend of the wolf-man like creatures began centuries ago in France. The tales arrived in the states with French immigrants and evolved over time.

The swamp creature is said to stand seven to eight feet in height, is covered in wet brown and black tangled hair and has glowing red eyes along with large canine-like teeth. The original monster was thought to have been born from a mutation. Victims might suffer the same fate if bitten by the beast or upon being cursed by a witch.

Today, the rougarou is one of the most popular characters of Bayou folklore. However, as wolves are not indigenous to Louisiana, the creature is now thought to be a shapeshifter that transforms into various common animals. Regardless of the form he takes, the creature is no less dangerous.

The story of the Rougarou was often told to children in an attempt to keep them from wandering or to make them behave. However, the tale prevails and many adults continue believing in the creature’s existence. After Hurricane Katrina, some heard strange growling sounds during the night, which led people to believe the monster may have left the swamps and entered the city of New Orleans via the flood waters.

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