Things That Freaked Us Out In 2018!

Strange Humanoid Sea Creature Filmed Off Huntington Beach

It looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon was caught swimming off the California coast recently.

A BIZARRE creature sparked terror on the shores after beachgoers failed to identify what was heading their way.

Video footage shows the mysterious incident that occurred over this weekend.

One man, identified as George, was enjoying a day out on Huntington Beach in California, US, when he was faced with an unusual scene.


Glowing Green UFOs Have Terrorized New Mexico For Decades! What Are They? And What Do They Want?

I was intrigued to find a very detailed article over at about many documented sightings of green glowing UFOs over New Mexico in the late 1940s. I found this interesting because I have seen these strange objects myself in the night skies over "The Land of Enchantment" on numerous occasions. I documented many of these sightings in my crudely written 2010 article: "Classic UFO Case - The Albuquerque Mystery Light - Circa 1980" (Hopefully my writing style has improved some since that time). In that piece I noted two sightings in which a giant orb hovered over Albuquerque. When I looked at the object through binoculars I observed that the orb was not a single craft but a honeycomb like collection of lights. Of course My best friend and I were not the only ones to see the UFO, local police, the Air Force, and the Albuquerque Journal (the local newspaper) we all inundated with calls from eyewitnesses. As you would expect the explanation for the whole thing was ... wait for it ... the planet Jupiter.


New York Town Names Bigfoot Official Mascot

No one has ever proven a Bigfoot exists, but that isn’t stopping one small town from proclaiming the ape-like monster its “official animal.”

Whitehall village, in upstate New York, passed the resolution 4-0 and it also requires citizens to observe a Bigfoot “Appreciation Day” in September, reported the Albany Times Union. The resolution refers to the mythical creature by its more formal name: Sasquatch.


UFO Report - "A conspiracy of men who cooperated with alien beings to create human alien hybrids."

A hybrid is the genetically manipulated product of alien and human DNA as part of the colonization project run by the Syndicate. Some humans became hybrids via gene therapy while others were conceived through a hybridization process.

When the Syndicate concluded a sinister alliance with the alien colonists in 1973, an alien fetus was given to them in exchange for family members to be used as test subjects. This fetus granted them access to alien and allowed them to create a hybrid race between man and alien, paving the way for colonization. A scientific method was also taught so they could produce successful specimens; the Syndicate had previously invited Nazi and Japanese scientists to participate in early experiments using alien DNA taken from corpses found at the Roswell crash site in New Mexico with disastrous results.


My friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts about bacteria from outer space?

Science fiction has taught us to expect our first contact with alien life to be a momentous event, with radio signals from another civilization filling our airwaves and perhaps even the arrival of an alien spaceship or two. Reality is somewhat less exciting, and scientists have long expected our first discovery of extraterrestrial life to be on the microscopic scale. Now, the Russian space agency claims they may have stumbled upon just that, and it may have been hiding under our noses the entire time.

Russian cosmonauts have reportedly discovered tiny bacteria on a swab collected from outside the International Space Station, and they’re confident that the organisms didn’t originate on our planet. If the discovery can be confirmed, it would be the very first concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life. That’s a pretty big deal.


Things That Go Bump In The Night The Slave Woman Of Highway One

Travelers of Highway One in Louisiana, which traverses the rural woodland areas between Baton Rouge and Shreveport, should be on the lookout for a ghostly apparition that haunts the the area.

The ghost of what witnesses describe as a black woman in 'slave era' clothing has been seen alongside or near the road between Lettsworth and Simmesport. The woman is dressed in a tan or peach colored blouse, a long white skirt and a traditional head wrap. She has no facial features and seems to have no feet. On many occasions the spirit appears to move toward the road waving her arms. Anyone who stops or looks back for the woman in their rear view mirror will discover that she is nowhere to be found. The apparition simply vanishes.


Encoded Transmission: (1) 26 35 54 67 75 (3) 20 25

(Ref: Leagamar seoltóireacht ar an bhfarraige nua seo toisc go bhfuil eolas nua le fáil, agus cearta nua a bhuaigh, agus caithfear iad a bhuaigh agus a úsáid chun dul chun cinn na ndaoine ar fad. Maidir le heolaíocht spáis, cosúil le heolaíocht núicléach agus gach teicneolaíocht, níl aon choinsiasa aige féin. Braitheann sé nó sí i bhfeidhm ar mhaithe le tinn nó le droch-bhraitheann sé ar dhuine, agus níl sé ach amháin má tá seasamh réamhtheachtaithe ag na Stáit Aontaithe, is féidir linn cabhrú le cinneadh a dhéanamh an mbeidh an aigéan nua seo mar farraige na síochána nó ag amharclann nua cogaidh. Ní deirim gur chóir dúinn níos mó ná mar a dhéanfaimid neamhshuim i gcoinne mí-úsáid naimhdeach na spás ná mar a théannimid gan chosaint i gcoinne úsáid naimhdeach talún nó mara, ach deirim gur féidir spás a iniúchadh agus a máistreacht gan na tinte cogaidh a bheathú, gan athrá a dhéanamh ar na botúin a rinne an duine ag leathnú a chuid scríbhneoireachta timpeall an domhain seo.


Large Sea Monster Spotted Off The British Town Of Tynemouth

According to residents of a small British town of Tynemouth, this is the first time the semi-mythical monster who chose to leave familiar surroundings. Relaxing on the local beach, a man watched by some large creature that had risen above the water. It showed the head and, by assumption, only the long neck, doing something in the same place for a while. However, in the Network, where the British shared their observations disagreed with him.

Users noted that the creature reminds them of the mythical monster of Scotland. It is more likely that it’s just kind of a very long fish. For example, eel or herring king. Also users said the reservoir doesn’t look large enough to fit the Loch ness monster. It is worth noting that sightings of such monsters appear frequently, however, experts advise to carefully study the fauna, before taking the strange creatures for anomalies.



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