NASA Photo Captures Alien Fleet in Formation Flying Near The Sun

From The International Business Times

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted an entire fleet of alien vessels flying past the Sun. According to the UFO expert, he made the discovery while browsing photos taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

In a recent blog post, Scott Waring of ET Data Base claimed to have spotted a UFO shaped like a rocket flying near the Sun in one of NASA’s photos. As seen in the image, which was taken by NASA’s SOHO satellite, the object has a distinct design with various geometric features. The size of the object is a bit hard to determine since it was not indicated how far it was from the Sun or the satellite.

Waring noted that the object was not a comet or other cosmic object due to its shape and movement.

“This mysterious object’s shape [is] not even close to being a comet, asteroid, meteor, satellite, space station or anything else I could think of,” he wrote in a blog post. “The only possibility left is that it’s [an] alien craft.”


UFOs in Sussex? Near miss investigations prompt renowned 'X Files' expert to speak out

From The Argus

UFO experts say more should be done to uncover the truth about near misses in the skies after an investigation has revealed reported close calls between aircraft and mystery objects.

There were three reported incidents in Sussex in one year alone – where passenger plane pilots confirmed sighting an unknown object from the cockpit.

Real life X-Files investigator Nick Pope has described the findings by Newsquest’s Data Investigations Unit as “fascinating and disturbing” and he said the reports made to the UK Airprox Board raise “important defence, national security and air safety issues”.


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Disc-shaped UFO discovered in Russia 4 years back sparks debate; Waring calls it alien scout ship

From The Herald Publicist

It was in 2015 mysterious boulder resembling a flying saucer was unearthed at a coal mine within the Belovo District, Kemerovo, in Russia. Apparently this UFO had a diameter of 1.2 meters and weighed roughly 200 kilograms. Now, 4 years after the invention, a self-proclaimed extraterrestrial hunter has outlandishly claimed that this boulder may very well be an alien scout ship that visited the earth from deep area.

In a current publish on his web site ‘ET Information Base’, alien hunter Scott C Waring wrote that these smaller scout ships normally accompany an enormous mothership like a protecting protect.

“I believe what they have found is a UFO drone ship. These smaller drones are used as scouts for keeping larger ships safe. Often a UFO will have these small scouts or even smaller baseball size orbs rotating around the UFO, like a protective shield. Many such UFO disks have been found around the world, always heavy and appear to be made of stone. However I do not believe its real stone, but a condensed nanobot micro material that strengthens the UFO, like stone, but actually is a complex network,” wrote Waring on his web site.


Majority of Americans think the government is hiding info about UFOs

From The New York Post

Two-thirds of Americans say the government knows more than it’s saying about UFOs in the wake of a plan to “Storm Area 51” in Nevada and potentially uncover its secrets about alien life later this month.

In a Gallup poll released Friday, 68 percent of respondents said the government is not leveling with the public about what it knows, however, it appears that the public remains skeptical of actual sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Only 33 percent of US adults believe that some UFO sightings over the years have in fact been alien spacecraft visiting Earth.

The remaining 60 percent are skeptical, saying that all such sightings can be explained by human activity or natural phenomena.


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Brit man spots UFO 'bigger than truck' falling from sky in countryside

"It looked as though it was breaking apart as it came down, but then it was nowhere to be seen.

"British Aerospace or the Ministry of Defence must know something – it was so big."

Spencer who works at a business park near Haverhill, said his colleague, who was travelling in the opposite side of the county also claimed to see a "the long white thing fall [from the sky] and disintegrate".

Spencer told Cambridgeshire Live he wished he'd had someone in the car with him to get a picture of the object.


Ancient Artists Left Signs For us to Decode. Did they Witness UFOs?

From Ancient Origins

Did ancient artists leave us clear signs of otherworldly interference in our lives and in our culture?

Art can be considered a record of history, culture, and science as it reveals man in his many aspects, offering a more complete insight and a unique viewpoint. Since the beginning of man, humans have always felt a need to reproduce celestial events, first on the walls of caves and then on canvas. It is not the case that history, art, archaeology, and anthropology were rewritten in art, but these interpretations should be viewed in light of new elements whose existence had not previously been suspected.

Much has been written about the representation of strange objects placed in the sky in works of art from the Renaissance period, but little has been written about some ancient tapestries of the medieval period—and what has been discussed is controversial because it challenges the orthodox perspective.


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