The Last Dinosaur ... And everything else you missed this week

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The Last Dinosaur (ABC)(1977): From The Land of Forgotten Television

The Last Dinosaur was a 1977 American-Japanese co-production that starred Richard Boone as a tired, over-the-hill big game hunter named Masten Thrust, who goes on one final hunting expedition to kill the greatest predator that ever lived: Tyrannosaurus Rex. The film's title has a dual meaning, referring both to the T-Rex and to Thrust himself, whose breed of great white hunter adventurer is going extinct.


Retro Saturday Morning: The Groovy Goolies (CBS)(1970-72)

Groovie Goolies is an American animated television show that had its original run on network television between 1970 and 1971. Set at a decrepit castle, the show focused on its monstrous inhabitants, who were primarily good-natured. Created by Filmation, Groovie Goolies was a set in the same universe as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Archie Show, with characters that frequently crossed over, but it was an original creation of the studio, not a spinoff from Archie Comics .


New Doctor Who animation to revive classic Patrick Troughton story Fury from the Deep

Sound the cloister bell: A classic Doctor Who story is being resurfaced for fans, over 50 years (!) since it was originally aired.


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