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What If #7 (1st Series 1977) February 1978 Marvel Comics Grade VF

Script by Don Glut, pencils by Rick Hoberg, inks by Sam Grainger. Gil Kane/Joe Sinnott cover. $9.09 - On Sale 30% Off! Regularly $12.99 "What If Someone Else Had Become Spider-Man?": Betty Brant, Flash Thompson, and Col. John Jameson each get bitten by a radioactive spider! On the letters page, editor Roy Thomas lists about 50 possible "What If" stories for the future and asks readers to pick three choices. See which ideas have been published since this 1978 issue.  

Uncanny X-Men #268 September 1990 Marvel Comics Grade NM

Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Bill Jaaska and Joe Rubinstein $22.49 - On Sale Now! "Storm!" Part 1 of 3: An ominous force for makes its presence known on the far side of the universe. Meanwhile, a young thief by the name of Storm is being pursued by deadly creatures of the night. 1st printing. This comic book is in used condition and is complete with cover and all pages attached it has flaws that warrant a grade of NM. Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!  

Greg Hildebrandt Creates an Homage to the Iconic "Star Wars" Painting With Red Sonja

Dynamite is proud to announce the latest instant classic, fully painted comic book cover from legendary artist Greg Hildebrandt. His latest masterpiece uses Red Sonja to pay homage to his world-famous " Star Wars " poster from over 40 years ago. And it's available right now on Kickstarter! “I was honored to work with Nicky and the Dynamite team on this Kickstarter campaign," said artist Greg Hildebrandt. "When they told me it was Red Sonja and explained what they wanted, I really got into the project. It’s fun for me to paint a badass woman with a sword. Then seeing the final product and what they are doing with the various covers made it a complete package for the fans. My fans and Red Sonja’s fans! Hope you enjoy the art.” Often working alongside his twin brother Tim as the "Brothers Hildebrandt," Greg has always had close ties to comics. After building a strong reputation with works like their cherished Lord of the Rings calendar artwork, their pa