Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Spec Op - Land of Fire and Ice

It's an Asgardian apocalypse, as Thor's deadliest enemies invade and Beta Ray Bill must save the day!

From Marvel Comics

It’s going to be an Asgardian apocalypse in the newest “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” Spec Op—or perhaps more accurately it’s time to Ragnarok & roll!

With the likes of Hela, Surtur, and Ymir simultaneously invading Midgard, the Avengers need all the help they can get to stave off perhaps the most powerful threat they’ve faced yet. Unfortunately, Thor has gone MIA at the worst possible time; fortunately, he called for back-up before he vanished.

“Avengers Alliance” Producer Justin Wood talks about the latest hero to join the Alliance, how the Asgardian intrigue ties in to the game’s overall story, plus a new Runaway, and much more!

Marvel.com: What is at the root of this latest Spec Op?

Justin Woods: When you launch your game, you’re going to see a conversation between Thor and his father Odin. And suddenly, Thor goes missing. No one knows where he is. He’s not usable in Spec Op 24, and it’s kind of a mystery that needs to be solved. But thankfully, Thor had a little bit of a sense that something might happen, and he contacted his old Korbinite buddy, Beta Ray Bill, to step in and say, “You know what, good friend Bill?” Or…what would he call him… “old friend Bill! Yon…” something or other, I don’t know. He would ask Bill to step in for him to help out the Alliance in the fight against the Serpent and the Worthy.


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