Retro Sci-Fi: Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970)(20th Century Fox)

As is the case with all highly successful films, "If you make a lot of money you have to make a sequel." Beneath the Planet of the Apes would suffer troubles from the moment of its conception. First problem, Charlton Heston wanted nothing to do with the production. He had originally felt that the story had ended properly with Taylor on the beach in the first movie. Without Heston there wouldn't be a picture. The studio fought like mad to get Heston to give in. Finally, he did, but the only way he would do it is if Taylor died at the beginning of the film. The studio countered with Taylor disappearing in the first scene, then dying at the end of the picture. Heston agreed under those guidelines. Next problem, Money. Fox had just suffered a horrible year at the box office. Budgets for all productions were slashed, including Beneath the Planet of the Apes. The films original budget would hardly cover the cost of the makeup alone. Corners had to be cut, and, in the end, it showed in the final product. Extras in crowd scenes can be clearly seen with rubber ape masks instead of the award-winning makeup. This could have been a monumental film had there been enough money. Still I feel the film is a classic, considering what was made with so little resources.

The film begins almost exactly where the last ended, with Taylor and Nova on horseback riding into the forbidden zone. Just as promised, after a few minutes, Taylor falls through an invisible wall and we don't see him again until the end of the film. Nova is then left dazed to wander in the desert.

We are then introduced to Brent (James Fransiscus) who is, unfortunately, the next Earth-man to visit the future. His ship, like Taylor's crashes and out of the two-man crew, he is the only survivor. This second ship was sent out to find out what happened to the first. As luck would have it, they both would follow the same bend in time and would end up in the same place.

As luck would also have it, Nova would find Brent and his crashed ship. Brent can't communicate with her very well but does find that she is wearing Taylor's dog-tags. He tells her to go find Taylor. Unfortunately, Nova has no idea where that is. What she manages to do, is take Brent to Ape City to find Zira and Cornelius. Brent is shocked to find that he is on a planet ruled by apes. The two chimpanzees are shocked to find another talking human. The shock quickly wears off and they promise to help each other find Taylor.

The Gorilla Army is preparing for war. A recent drought has dwindled down the ape’s food supply. Scouts had reported strange encounters in the forbidden zone. The logic, if there is something out there then it must eat to survive. So, go take it's food by force.

Brent and Nova manage to get captured on their way out of the city. The two of them are brought to Zira for cleaning and she helps them to escape being used as target practice for the Gorilla Army. They both flee the city and stumble upon an old abandoned subway station. Brent then too realizes where and when he is. He takes it a lot better than Taylor did.

The Gorillas run into a wall of mentally projected images on their campaign. A wall of fire with a vision of their Law Giver covered in blood blocks their path. They soon realize this is an illusion and continue.

Brent and Nova are lured into the remains of what used to be New York City. Once there they fall under the mind control of the city’s mutant residents. With their mind powers the Mutants try to make Brent kill Nova. After he refuses, he is brought before them to extract information about the ape army. Brent knows nothing. After tiring of picking his mind the Mutants imprison Brent with Taylor. The two share pleasantries and then are forced to fight to the death with mind control.

The apes attack the city. The mutants have no weapons to fight the apes, save one "The Alpha Omega Doomsday Bomb." The apes quickly take control of the city and the bomb.

Brent and Taylor manage to escape their cell while the ongoing battle distracts the mutants. Once outside the trio is confronted by a gorilla soldier. Brent and Taylor charge him. He shoots. Nova is killed. Before she dies, she utters her only spoken word, "Taylor." The two then proceed to the church where the bomb is kept. They try to take control of the weapon but fail. Brent is gunned down, then Taylor is shot after killing Ursus. With his last bit of strength Taylor detonates the bomb ending life on Earth.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)

AKA: Planet of the Apes Revisited (1970), Planet of the Men (1970)

20th Century Fox

Directed By: Ted Post
Written By: Paul Dehn and Mort Abrahams

James Franciscus as Brent
Kim Hunter as Zira
Maurice Evans as Dr. Zaius
Linda Harrison as Nova
James Gregory as Ursus
David Watson as Cornelius
Natalie Trundy as Albina

Released: May 26, 1970.
Budget: $3,000,000.
Gross: $17,489,000
Runtime: 95 Minutes
Color: Color
Sound: Stereo


1. Burt Reynolds was the first choice to play John Brent
2. Orson Wells was offered the role of General Ursus. He passed.
3. This is the only Planet of the Apes film not to feature Roddy McDowall.
4. There was a scene originally planed with a half-human/half-ape child.
5. Before the idea of the "Doomsday Bomb" the ending of the film was to feature Taylor, Brent, and Nova escaping the mutants to return to Ape City. Once there, along with Zira and Corneilus, they would set all the humans free and a new mixed society would begin. This idea would be used in the opening scene from "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" that featured a Lawgiver teaching a group of both human and ape children.


Retro Sci-Fi: Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet (1965)

The story is very well thought out and well executed. A group of explores and scientists set out to land on Venus. A mysterious accident causes the two groups to land on two separate sides of the planet. While trying to link back up with each other they...

Retro Sci-Fi: Forbidden Planet (1956)(MGM)

Visually stunning and thematically rich, Fred M.Wilcox’s “Forbidden Planet” is a landmark film in science-fiction cinema. Set in the twenty-third century, it tells the story of a United Planets space cruiser sent to the distant world of Altair IV to investigate ...

Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) 20 x 30 Movie Poster Print - $29.99

This is an amazing poster graphic print featuring an image from Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970). The print looks amazing matted to 20 x 30 and framed and will make a great addition to your movie memorabilia collection. A must for all sci fi movie fans!

Retro Sci-Fi: Space: 1999 (1975-1977)(Gerry Anderson)(ITV)

John Koenig (MARTIN LANDAU) is commander of the mission to be launched from Earth's Space Research Centre at Moonbase Alpha. He has just returned to the Moon to oversee the momentous adventure, but the probe is already in jeopardy. Two of the ...

Retro Saturday Morning: Jana of the Jungle (1978)(NBC)

"The last thing I remember was traveling up the Great River with my father. He had just given me my special necklace when... [boat hitting rocks and capsizing]. I was rescued by Montaro, a noble descendant of a lost warrior tribe. Endlessly searching for my lost father, Montaro, Tico and my jaguar, Ghost, help me guard the jungle from those who dwell within it. I grew up by the laws of nature and the animals of the jungle became my friends. I am Jana of the Jungle!"

From Hanna Barbera

Jana of the Jungle is a 30-minute Saturday morning animated series created by Doug Wildey and produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions which aired on NBC from September 9, 1978, to December 2, 1978. It was originally broadcast as a half-hour segment of The Godzilla Power Hour (1978) and its later expanded form The Godzilla Super 90 (1978–79).

Jana (voiced by B.J. Ward) is essentially a female version of Tarzan who traveled to the rain forests of South America in search of her lost father (whom she never finds). Her father vanished in a boating accident when she was still a child, but the introduction shows that he survived. She has long blonde hair, wears a dress made of unspecified animal skin and a necklace which doubles as a throwable weapon and makes a high-pitched resonating sound when thrown (somewhat similar to the chakram that would be the weapon of choice for the later, live-action Xena, Warrior Princess) given to her by her father before the boating accident.

Jana had two animal friends, Tiko the coatimundi (who more resembled a yapok, a South American aquatic marsupial) and Ghost the albino jaguar, and two human friends, Dr. Ben Cooper and Montaro. Among other animals, Jana has summoned a crocodile, a monkey, a bat, a snake and various tropical birds.

Jana's friends Dr. Ben Cooper (voiced by Michael Bell), a young wildlife biologist who maintained the preserve started by Jana's father and helped in her continuing search for her father; and Montaro (voiced by Ted Cassidy), a descendant of a lost warrior tribe armed with a supernatural weapon known as the Staff of Power that can cause earthquake shockwaves when it strikes the ground. Montaro rescued Jana from the boating accident in which her father disappeared.

Jana of the Jungle was originally broadcast in these following formats on NBC:

The Godzilla Power Hour (September 9, 1978 – October 28, 1978, NBC Saturday 9:30-10:30 AM)
The Godzilla Super 90 (November 4, 1978 – September 1, 1979, NBC Saturday 9:00-10:30 AM)

A total of 13 original episodes of Jana of the Jungle were produced in 1978, with the first eight broadcast as part of the second half of The Godzilla Power Hour from September 9 to October 28. In November 1978, when The Godzilla Power Hour was expanded to 90 minutes (with the addition of Jonny Quest reruns) and re-titled The Godzilla Super 90, the five remaining episodes of Jana of the Jungle continued on this new format until December 2. The Jana character also made a cameo appearance piloting a rocket-car in an episode of Yogi's Space Race in 1978.

Jana of the Jungle resurfaced in 1985 as part of USA Cartoon Express which is the last time any of the original 13 episodes were shown on television. This is one of the very few Hanna-Barbera series that has yet to be seen on either Cartoon Network or Boomerang; however, one of the episodes, "The Cordillera Volcano", was available for a limited time on WB's Hanna-Barbera online stream.

In January 2007, Dynamite Entertainment launched a comic book, with plot by Frank Cho and script by Doug Murray, called Jungle Girl, featuring a blond female character called Jana. She is a Tarzanesque heroine who lives in some kind of "Lost World", a jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and cavemen.


Retro Saturday Morning: Valley of the Dinosaurs (1974)(CBS)

Deep in the heart of the Amazon, the Butler family was exploring an uncharted river canyon. Suddenly, caught up in a violent whirlpool, they were propelled through a cavern and flung into a hostile world of giant prehistoric creatures...a world that time forgot. Now, befriended by a family of cave dwellers, each day is an adventure in survival for the Butlers ...

Retro Saturday Morning: Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973-1975)(NBC)

On the television network NBC, 22 episodes of The Animated Series were aired between September 1973 and October 1974. Reruns continued on NBC through 1975. The series was produced by the experienced animation house Filmation and the episodes were scripted by professional science fiction and Star Trek ...

Sheena Queen of the Jungle 16 x 20 Poster Print - $24.99

This wonderful Sheena poster was created by famed comic book artist J. Scott Campbell is printed on professional studio grade lustre paper by a professional photography studio not a home printer.

The New Adventures of Flash Gordon (1979 - 1982 NBC)

The animated series 'Flash Gordon' (1979 - 1982 NBC) was originally conceived as a live action film for television, but it soon became clear that live-action would be cost prohibitive, so an animated film was instead commissioned. The results were so well received that it was decided not to air it as a film...

Exclusive Vampirella & Shi Anniversary Cover By Billy Tucci

From Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite announces a special creator exclusive cover for Vampirella #1 by Billy Tucci on Indiegogo! Celebrating the dual celebration of Vampi's 50th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of Tucci's Shi!

Live on Indiegogo right now (CLICK HERE!)! The Daughter of Drakulon and Billy Tucci's Shi share a beautiful cover being offered only on Indiegogo for a limited time. This critically acclaimed and explosive debut of the new ongoing series by Christopher Priest and Ergun Gunduz has already sold a Dynamite 130,000 units both through the Direct Market and outside it with retailer and creator exclusives like this one!

"I've had the honor to be associated with Vampirella many times since I first broke into comics 25 years ago," said Billy Tucci. "This cover not only celebrates Vampirella's 50th anniversary, but also the 25th anniversary of my own creation, Shi."

Multiple options are available for those with differing budgets and tastes as well as the ultimate Vampi/Shi collectors out there, but all copies have already been printed and made available to fans in extremely limited quantities on a first-come-first-serve basis. At the base is the original cover by Billy Tucci, with logos and full gorgeous colors by Wes Hartman. Variations include a logo-less "virgin" cover, dressed "black and white," "black and white virgin" and even a premium "Pure Line Art" edition reproducing Tucci's flawless original pencil art. Only 300 copies of this cover have been produced! Fans can also get a combo pack with the four base covers, a pack with all four signed or the signed line art cover.

In addition to the comic, Dynamite and Billy Tucci have also turned this historical image into a high-end lithograph! Every detail will really stand out on this high quality 18 by 24 inches print. It's also available signed and can function as an add-on alongside any of the covers.

Billy Tucci is an award winning writer, artist and publisher. Following a quick sought-after first appearance in Everette Hartsoe's Razor Annual 1, Tucci's creation Shi launched straight into the stratosphere of independent comics in 1994. At a time when some major publishers were struggling and creator-owned properties were soaring, Tucci was among those who led the pack. Through his publisher Crusade Fine Arts, Shi has been printed in five languages and sold over 3 million comic books. Top Cow's Witchblade and David Mack's Kabuki initially appeared in Shi comics before breaking out as successful franchises as well. Shi has crossed over with Daredevil, Wolverine and Lady Death.

Perhaps most importantly, Tucci and Shi both have long histories with everyone's favorite vampire heroine. In 1997 Warren Ellis wrote two companion one-shots teaming up the two characters. This was followed by the three part arc "Queen's Gambit" in Vampirella's flagship series of the time, written by industry superstars Grant Morrison and Mark Millar and drawn by Amanda Conner. Tucci has additionally done covers for the prestige Vampirella miniseries Death and Destruction, Vampirella and The Scarlet Legion and the recent Roses for the Dead by fellow indie legend Joseph Michael Linsner.

After establishing himself as a talented and versatile artists and building his passionate fanbase, Tucci has worked on major characters through the years as well. Tucci has worked for major publishers on titles such as Heroes for Hire, Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey and others. A Batman tale garnered Tucci an Eisner Award nomination for Best Short Story. His series Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion received widespread acclaim and recognition from the military community. His earnest retelling of the Christmas story, “A Child Is Born” has quietly turned into a international blockbuster after winning the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award. Currently he is hard at work on graphic novels Zombie-Sama!, Appalachian Apocalypse and prepping a huge return for Shi as well as reprints.

Don't miss your chance to get these beautiful exclusive covers! Available for a limited time and in limited quantities on Indiegogo!


Dynamite announces a new Vengeance of Vampirella ongoing series

The original Vengeance of Vampirella series made a huge splash in 1994 with a jaw-dropping wraparound cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti, depicting Vampi bathing in blood represented by swaths of red foil. Vampirella lead the pack in the "bad girl" craze and consistently placed in Wizard Magazine's coveted top 10 lists for characters and hot titles.

Vampirella: The Queen of Vampires

Vampirella was originally presented as an inhabitant of the planet Drakulon, a world where a vampiric race lived on blood and where blood flowed in rivers. Drakulon orbits twin suns that were causing droughts across the planet, marking certain doom for Vampirella and her race. The race of which Vampirella was born, the Vampiri, were able to transform themselves into bats at will, possessed superhuman physical attributes, sprout wings when required to fly, and drink blood.

Shi: East Wind Rain #1 November Crusade Comics Grade NM - $3.99

Shi is a fictional comic book character created by writer/illustrator William Tucci. She first appeared in Razor Annual #1 (1993), and has since appeared in books by a variety of publishers, most notably, Tucci's company, Crusade Comics. Shi is a young woman of mixed Japanese and American ancestry drafted into a modern-day "shadow war" between descendents of the infamous sohei warrior monks of medieval Japan. As the story is deeply rooted in Japanese history and mythology, "Shi" literally translates to death (死) in Japanese, and her signature weapon is the naginata.

Ewan McGregor Is Returning As Obi-Wan Kenobi

From The Daily Mail

He last appeared in the epic space-opera media franchise 14 years ago as Anakin Skywalkers' Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

And Ewan McGregor could be set to return to Star Wars, as rumours are swirling that he has signed on to reprise his role as the legendary character for a new project.

The actor, 48, who appeared in the second Star Wars trilogy and made his debut in The Phantom Menace, may make an announcement as early as next week.

It is currently unclear what Ewan has allegedly signed up to, but speculation suggests it may be a long-awaited Obi-Wan film or series.

The rumour mill has suggested this could mark the return of the Jedi, as it has been claimed it could be announced at the upcoming Disney D23 Expo, repots Cinelinx.

It has been long speculated that Ewan will say 'hello there' to the franchise once more, ever since Disney acquired the home to Star Wars, Lucasfilm, in 2013.

The speculation that Ewan may be set to return to the iconic film franchise sent fans into a frenzy, with many enthusiasts taking to Twitter to express their excitement.

One fan wrote: 'If the rumor about Ewan McGregor is true I'm GONNA SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

While another stated that Ewan has always said he would be happy to return, saying: 'Ewan McGregor has never had anything but kind things to say about his experience in Star Wars...

'The award-winning actor has always been very clear he'd happily return if asked. I've always believed the craziest thing Disney could do is sleep on this fact.

Other social media users chose to express their feelings with a variety of Star Wars memes from the Obi-Wan generation of films.

Another fan suggested that Ewan has even been roped in to direct a series as well as star in it and speculated that it would run on Disney's new streaming service.

One fanatic added that it is the perfect opportunity for Ewan to reprise his role as Obi-Wan due to the timescale of the films and his current age.

They said: 'He is the perfect age to play Obi-Wan Kenobi after dropping off Luke with aunt Beru and Uncle Owen! It’s literally what fans want more than anything!'

In the Phantom Menace, Obi Wan was Jedi Master Qui Gon Jinn’s apprentice and helped rescue Queen Padme Amidala from an invasion of her home world by the trade federation in league with the evil Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

Although Qui Gon Jinn was defeated in a duel with Darth Maul, Obi-Wan avenged him and kept his promise to train who he believed was the chosen one.

Throughout the three films, Ewan's character trained 'the chosen one' Anakin Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi, before the youngster eventually turned to the dark side to fulfil his destiny and become Darth Vader.

Ewan's trilogy ends when he whisks Anakin's son Luke away to his home planet, Tattooine, where he keeps a watchful eye on him.


Ewan McGregor Is Playing It Real Coy About The Upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie

Despite the fact that an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie has been in development for two years now actor Ewan McGregor insists that he has no knowledge of it. This of course means only one thing. McGregor is a honorable person who knows how to keep a secret and keep his trap shut.

Obi-Wan Will Be The Overseer Of Young Skywalker In The Latest Star Wars Prequel

The synopsis reads as follows ... Obi-Wan is on Tatooine being an elusive hermit and stuff, but secretly watches over an infant Luke Skywalker, whom he delivered to his uncle, Owen. Tensions between the local farmers and a tribe of Sand People -- headed by a ruthless war chief -- eventually brings Obi outta hiding ... and into Jedi kickass mode. Scene.

Star Wars 40th Anniversary The Black Series Titanium Series Obi-Wan Kenobi

Inspired by the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, this Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, like all die-cast figures from the Titanium Series, features impeccable movie-real design and incredible detail. Each figure also includes a character-inspired base and reversible backdrop, as well as character-specific accessories, so kids and collectors can recreate iconic moments from Star Wars.

Is 'War of the Gargantuas' In Legendary's Future?

It's a long shot at best, but I think a modern remake of this obscure Toho classic would be really interesting. - Ken

From We Got This Covered

If 2014’s Godzilla movie was decidedly lacking in iconic beasts – save for Big G himself – then its gargantuan sequel, King of the Monsters, brought out the Toho heavyweights.

From Rodan to Mothra, Scylla to Ghidorah, Legendary and writer-director Mike Dougherty left no stone unturned when resurrecting some of Godzilla’s most famous enemies (and allies) for the big screen. As a matter of fact, the final tally stands at 17 – 17 titans! – all of which brought something a little different to Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

But let’s say Dougherty is presented with the opportunity to return to Legendary’s MonsterVerse sometime beyond 2020 – and, by effect, beyond the release of Godzilla Vs. Kong – which Kaiju would he like to take off the bench? That very question was posed to the filmmaker just recently on Twitter, where one user asked straight-up: “which unknown kaiju would you bring to life if you had the opportunity to re-visit this universe?”

To which Mike Dougherty responded with:

"The Gargantuas. Those boys are so weird and freaky yet strangely sympathetic."

First unveiled to the world back in 1966, the Gargantuas are strange, Frankenstein-spawn kaiju that never actually squared off against Godzilla, so it would certainly be interesting to see how Dougherty and his team would visualize said fight in a live-action setting.

There’s also the very real possibility that Legendary will overlook the Gargantuas and talk of Frankenstein monsters in favor of a more established enemy (i.e. King Kong), with whom Godzilla is able to duel. Those two titans are fated to meet in March of next year, when we’ll know once and for all whether Gojira really is the one true King of the Monsters.


The 100 Greatest Monsters From Movies And Television #81 - #90

War of the Gargantuas, released in Japan as Frankenstein's Monsters: Sanda versus Gaira (フランケンシュタインの怪獣 サンダ対ガイラ, Furankenshutain no Kaijū: Sanda tai Gaira?), is a 1966 daikaiju eiga (giant monster movie), and a semisequel to Frankenstein vs. Baragon.

Norman England's Bringing Godzilla Down To Size Featured On Gargantuas DVD Release

Director Norman England, who's works include "The iDol" and the upcoming throw-back alien invasion flick "INVASIA", has produced a wonderful new documentary entitled, "Bringing Godzilla Down To Size." The 68-minute documentary, which ...

Godzilla #4 (1977 Marvel) November 1977 Marvel Comics Grade NM - $15.99

"Godzilla versus Batragon!" Part 1 of 2:
When the enormous creature known as Batragon begins attacking oil tankers at sea, the only thing that can stop the monster is the menace to humanity known as Godzilla. Plus, who is Dr. Demonicus and what is his diabolical plan for taking over the world.

The Flintstones Are Returning To Primetime On MeTV

It appears that MeTV really cares about their viewers opinions. Back in April of 2018 I wrote an article entitled "MeTV Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night Should Become "Sci-Fi Saturday" in which I suggested that the network air classic cartoons on Saturday morning. The response to my article was overwhelming to say the least. Readers loved the idea of a retro style Saturday morning. Though MeTV hasn't as of yet put together a classic cartoon schedule for weekend mornings they have at least brought back one of the most beloved animated series of all-time 'The Flintstones'.

From MeTV

Meet The Flintstones on MeTV!

America’s first family of animated comedy is coming to MeTV!

Premiering on Monday, September 30, fifty-nine years to the day from its very first telecast, The Flintstones will air on MeTV weeknights, with back-to-back episodes starting at 6PM | 5C. Yes, that means Bedrock and Mayberry are now neighbors.

For the first time since the prehistoric era, Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty and the rest of the gang are back on national broadcast network TV. So get ready to rock… Bedrock!

When The Flintstones premiered in the fall of 1960, it shook up television like a slab of dinosaur ribs slapped on the side of a car. Never before had there been a primetime, cartoon sitcom. Additionally, it was the first animated series to earn a nomination for the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. The cartoon featured the voice talents of familiar MeTV faces such as Bea Benaderet (Petticoat Junction) and Howard Morris (The Andy Griffith Show).

Today, the Flintstones are global icons and the, er, bedrock of the Hanna-Barbera empire. After six seasons, the show spawned spin-offs, movies, toys, comic books, vitamins, cereals, merchandise and more.

Stay tuned for more information — and more fun — surrounding the Flintstones!


THE FLINTSTONES!...a couple just like the folks you know - except they live in the Stone Age!

When the series went into production, the working title The Flagstones was changed, possibly to avoid confusion with the Flagstons, characters in the comic strip Hi and Lois. After spending a brief period in development as The Gladstones (GLadstone being a Los Angeles telephone exchange at the time), Hanna ...

Yabba Dabba Doo! New ‘Flintstones’ Series in the Works From Warner Bros. Animation

There have been multiple attempts at new versions of the show over the years, including short-lived series like “The New Fred and Barney Show” and “The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.” ...

Vintage 1961 The Flintstones and Dino Whitman Publishing Grade VG

Doesn't this take you back to Saturday mornings eating cereal and watching cartoons? The colors on this Flintstones book are bright and the inside pages are off white and the colors are very bright as well. There are no tears, staining, no writing or coloring on any of the pages. The cover has a bit of age/play related wear, and a label was removed from the back and cause a very tiny amount of loss to the back cover. What a terrific piece to have on display in either a toy or comic book collection!

The Man Called Flintstone (1966)(Hanna-Barbera Productions)

In the film Fred Flintstone is persuaded to take over for an injured secret agent Rock Slag, to whom he is an exact double, by the Stone Age Secret Service. Under the guise of a family vacation to Paris, Fred's mission is to infiltrate the secret organization known as SMIRK whose leader, the Green Goose (voiced by Harvey Korman) is bent on destroying the world with a doomsday ...

Ultraman Taiga Getting A Worldwide Release From Tsuburaya Productions

From Tsuburaya Productions

Tsuburaya Productions announced at a press conference in Malaysia on Thursday that Ultraman Taiga, the new series in the Ultraman franchise, will get a worldwide release in 2020. The company also announced that Ultraman R/B, the previous Ultraman series, will debut on Malaysia's Astro TV starting on August 30.

In April 2018, the district court in the central district of California entered final judgement in favor of Tsuburaya Productions in the company's legal battle against UM Corporation (UMC) for the international licensing rights for the Ultraman property. Following this ruling, the company announced on Thursday that it will be be focusing its attention on the major global expansion of Ultraman works.

In addition, Tsuburaya Productions will launch Ultra Galaxy Fight, an online series featuring Ultraman's "New Generation Heroes" against the League of Darkness. The series will begin streaming on the company's official YouTube channel on September 29.

Ultraman Taiga premiered on TV Tokyo on July 6. The new show is the seventh consecutive "New Generation Heroes" series in the Ultraman franchise.

Tsuburaya Productions describes the new series:

Aliens have been emigrating to Earth secretly, but only a handful knows about this truth. Living in such a society, the main character Hiroyuki Kudo begins working at a private security organization E.G.I.S. (Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Services). The organization takes care of cases related with aliens, and Hiroyuki works day and night to protect peace.
However, there lies a huge secret in him, which he himself is not aware of. He carries Ultraman Taiga's “particle of light”.
The new story begins as Taiga's powers revive from Hiroyuki's body!

For the first time in the franchise, the main character Hiroyuki Kudo (played by Yūki Inoue) transforms into three different heroes: Ultraman Taiga (center above), Ultraman Titas (left), and Ultraman Fuma (right). The main character is also the son of Ultraman Taro, who appeared in the Ultraman Taro series that premiered in 1973.

Ultraman R/B premiered on TV Tokyo and its affiliates in July 2018, and had 25 episodes. Gekijōban Ultraman R/B Select! Kizuna no Crystal opened in Japan on March 8. The Ultraman New Generation Chronicle compilation series premiered on January 5. The series shows famous episodes and parts from series and films in the franchise from the 2013 Ultraman Ginga series to the Ultraman R/B series.

Tsuburaya Productions is developing a new series of anime shorts titled Kaiju Step Wandabada. The anime will premiere on September 27 and air on NHK E-TV. Each episode will be five minutes in length.

The first anime season for the Ultraman 3D CG anime of Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi's Ultraman manga premiered globally on Netflix on April 1. The series will get a second season, and Tsuburaya Productions confirmed on Thursday that production is underway.

Studio Khara is producing a Shin Ultraman (New Ultraman) film for release in 2021. Shin Godzilla director Shinji Higuchi and his Higuchi-Gumi team are helming the project, and Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno is in charge of planning and scripts.


The Long Rumored 'Shin Ultraman' Confirmed By Tsuburaya / Toho

Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno will re-imagine Ultraman, the iconic, 54-year-old tokusatsu superhero who has appeared in hundreds of Japanese movies, television shows ...

Ultraman And Ultra Q Coming To DVD / Blu-ray From Mill Creek

Mill Creek Entertainment has officially announced that it will release on Blu-ray Ultraman: The Complete Series (1966-1967) and Ultra Q The Complete Series (1966-1967). The two releases will be available for purchase on October 15.

In addition to the standard Blu-ray releases the label will have available for purchase Limited SteelBook Editions.

King Kong vs Godzilla 16 x 20 Criterion Promotional Poster - $24.99

illustration by Arthur Adams

After his first two cinematic rampages, Godzilla was revived as an adversary for the Hollywood import King Kong. When Kong is discovered on a remote island by a publicity-hungry pharmaceutical company, the giant ape is set on a collision course with Godzilla, and Japan braces for a double dose of devastation. Both the Japanese-release version and the U.S.-release cut were rousing hits, cementing Godzilla’s status as a series-worthy star.

The Darker Side Of Ultraman The Baddest Of The Bad Showcased In Darkness Heels

I'm always amazed at how Tsuburaya is able to reinvent their Ultraman franchise over and over again in new and creative ways. There is a new "Ultraman 3D" animated series coming to ...