Daredevil #36 October 2002 Marvel Comics Grade VF

Cover art by Alex Maleev. One Hundred Percent Untrue, script by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alex Maleev;

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Matt denies to the press that he and Daredevil are one and the same; The Widow tries to coax Matt into going out with her as DD but is turned down flat; Matt meets with Vanessa who informs him that she is leaving the country for good and has sold the Kingpin's business to an unnamed buyer; Elektra shows up for a last panel confrontation with Matt. 36 pgs.

1st printing.
This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has some flaws that warrant a VF grade.
Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Jessica Drew returns to her classic costume in new arc starting in SPIDER-WOMAN #11!

From Marvel Comics

After ten explosive issues, Jessica Drew’s hit solo series continues this April! Throughout this thrilling run, Spider-Woman has overcome Hydra, confronted her nefarious mother in a wild family reunion, and learned more about her past then she’s ever wanted to. And writer Karla Pacheco and artist Pere Pérez are just getting started. The always-unpredictable saga of Jessica Drew continues in April and the titular hero will be suiting up once more in her original costume.

See Spider-Woman’s costume in all its glory in Junggeun Yoon’s cover right here!

Designed by legendary comics pioneer Marie Severin, Spider-Woman’s classic costume is as timeless as it is iconic. Now, it once again returns in the pages of SPIDER-WOMAN as Jessica Drew suits up for her next mission starting in SPIDER-WOMAN #11.

Here’s what Pacheco had to tease about the new arc:

“We’ve taken Jessica Drew through a gut-wrenching, action-packed wringer these past 10 issues, and we aren’t letting up as we head into our next adventure! With the mysteries of Wundagore behind her, Jess is finally feeling like herself again, and longing to get back to a “normal” life. But what exactly IS normal for Spider-Woman?

“In Issue #11 we see Jess setting aside her latest suit (for now), and gearing up once again in the iconic red and yellow costume -- albeit with a few new touches and some surprises -- courtesy of the always inventive Pere Perez. She’s safely home and ready to resume her life with Gerry and Roger... but of course nothing is that simple for the one and only Spider-Woman. We’re launching Jess directly into another over-the-top story, featuring incredible new villains, unbelievable action from Pere, and of course, me ripping everyone’s hearts again as I chortle with evil glee.

“Also there will be monster trucks.

“Can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this, it’s classic Jessica Drew with the ‘Pacheco & Pérez’ twist, and honestly, it’s fun as hell.”

Don’t miss the grand return of Jessica's classic threads when SPIDER-WOMAN #11 hits stands in April!

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Grimm Fairy Tales Volume Two Snow White Cover July 2012 Zenescope Entertainment Grade NM

Snow White Cover Volume 2 - 5th printing. Collects Grimm Fairy Tales (2005) #7-12.

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For more than two hundred years the powerful stories of the Brothers Grimm have enchanted millions of readers around the world. Grimm Fairy Tales explores a much darker side of these classic stories. Adapted directly from the original works, stunning illustration and vivid storytelling bring these tales to life. This is a world where morality is tested and the results of one's actions have shocking consequences. Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk, Bluebeard, The Frog King, Goldilocks, and the Pied Piper are collected in Volume #2. Softcover, 168 pages, full color.

5th printing.

This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has flaws that warrant a NM grade.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

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Star Spangled War Stories #128 August 1966 DC Comics Grade VG

Cover art by Russ Heath, script by Howard Liss, art by Gene Colan.

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"The Million Dollar Medal!":

Starring Suicide Squad

Arnie has always lived under the shadow of his older brother Tom, who was liked by everyone, and Arnie was ridiculed. However, Arnie would find a new found confidence as an adult when the war broke out and he became a gunner, fighting the Japanese out on the pacific. While out at sea, the plane carrying Arnie is attacked and destroyed by a Pterodactyl, forcing Arnie to parachute out to sea. Finding a raft with a radio and calls for help. When the pulls up to shore on a deserted island he is attacked by a giant crab and is forced to flee. Hiding in a cave, he comes across a large diamond and realizes that it will be worth a fortune back home. Cap's Hobby Corner hobby tips by Henry Boltinoff. Sniper's Nightmare!, script by Howard Liss, art by Jack Abel.

1st printing.

This comic book is in used condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has a few flaws that warrant a VG grade.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

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Daredevil #8 September 2019 Marvel Comics Grade NM

No Devils, Only God: Part 3 of 5 - Written by Chip Zdarsky. Art by Lalit Kumar Sharma. Cover by Chip Zdarsky.

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With Daredevil still missing, his shadow looms large over Hell's Kitchen…and ordinary citizens are starting to feel his absence. Detective Cole North may think he's stopped Daredevil, but there are bigger problems coming his way! 28 pages, full color. Rated T+

1st printing.

This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has some flaws that warrant a NM grade.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

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What If #7 (1st Series 1977) February 1978 Marvel Comics Grade VF

Script by Don Glut, pencils by Rick Hoberg, inks by Sam Grainger. Gil Kane/Joe Sinnott cover.

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Regularly $12.99

"What If Someone Else Had Become Spider-Man?":

Betty Brant, Flash Thompson, and Col. John Jameson each get bitten by a radioactive spider! On the letters page, editor Roy Thomas lists about 50 possible "What If" stories for the future and asks readers to pick three choices. See which ideas have been published since this 1978 issue.

Uncanny X-Men #268 September 1990 Marvel Comics Grade NM

Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Bill Jaaska and Joe Rubinstein

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"Storm!" Part 1 of 3:
An ominous force for makes its presence known on the far side of the universe. Meanwhile, a young thief by the name of Storm is being pursued by deadly creatures of the night.

1st printing.
This comic book is in used condition and is complete with cover and all pages attached it has flaws that warrant a grade of NM.
Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Greg Hildebrandt Creates an Homage to the Iconic "Star Wars" Painting With Red Sonja

Dynamite is proud to announce the latest instant classic, fully painted comic book cover from legendary artist Greg Hildebrandt. His latest masterpiece uses Red Sonja to pay homage to his world-famous "Star Wars" poster from over 40 years ago. And it's available right now on Kickstarter!

“I was honored to work with Nicky and the Dynamite team on this Kickstarter campaign," said artist Greg Hildebrandt. "When they told me it was Red Sonja and explained what they wanted, I really got into the project. It’s fun for me to paint a badass woman with a sword. Then seeing the final product and what they are doing with the various covers made it a complete package for the fans. My fans and Red Sonja’s fans! Hope you enjoy the art.”

Often working alongside his twin brother Tim as the "Brothers Hildebrandt," Greg has always had close ties to comics. After building a strong reputation with works like their cherished Lord of the Rings calendar artwork, their painting appeared on the cover or inside such early boundary-pushing comics magazines as Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated. In the 1990s the pair, jointly and separately, rose to the top of the industry with their in-demand cover art. An entire generation of fans connected with their work through the popular 1994 Marvel Masterpieces trading cards.

Almost every single person familiar with popular culture can recognize one major piece from the Hildebrandts. Commissioned to paint a new theatrical poster for the original Star Wars film's 1977 UK release, the twins finished it up in a tight 36-hour window. The image played a crucial role in one of the defining fandoms of the 20th century and beyond, and today the She-Devil with a Sword finds herself in those same footprints.

To complete this classic 1977 extravaganza, the cover will be gracing a reprint of the original Red Sonja #1 from that same year. Definitive artist of the era Frank Thorne beautifully illustrates "The Blood of the Unicorn.," written by Roy Thomas, Clair Noto and Ed Summer. This touching story shows both the ferocity and compassion of Dynamite's sword-swinging queen. To fully capture that 70s feel, a special retro cover variant will only be available in the first 48 hours of the campaign.

The limited-edition comic variant is available in multiple variations on the Kickstarter campaign. In addition to the retro version, fans can get a standard edition of the comic with modern trade dress, as a "virgin" version without any logos, or a black and white line art edition. All options are available signed by Hildebrandt or preserved and graded by CGC Comics. Combo packs for all covers, all signed covers, or all graded covers come with a bonus fourth cover only available this way! Hildebrandt will also be adding one-of-a-kind sketch remarks to a limited number of covers, a truly one of a kind opportunity. Add-ons include a high-quality lithograph print of the painting as well as the book The Tolkien Years of the Brothers Hildebrandt, authored by Greg Hildebrandt Jr.


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Fantastic Four #197 (1st Series 1963) August 1978 Marvel Comics

Written by Marv Wolfman. Pencils by Keith Pollard. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Cover by George Perez and Joe Sinnott

$14.24 - On Sale Here!

Garbed in his Fantastic Four uniform, Reed Richards stands next to a small space rocket at the Cynthian Associates research facility. At his side is his captor, the supervisor of the complex. Reed asks him why he is willing to pay out a fortune to help Reed reacquire his stretching power. What does he want in return? The man does not answer but simply states that if Reed does not do as he is told, his teammates will be killed. Reed declares that his calculations are complete and that he is ready to take off, and asks to see his wife and friends before he leaves. The supervisor declines, stating that they will remain his prisoners until Reed returns repowered. Then Reed climbs the ladder into the shuttle-craft and straps himself into his seat. For months, he muses, he fantasized about regaining his powers, but he realized that it would take the resources of a small country to do so. Now, as his dream seems to be coming true, Reed wonders who the mysterious person is who financed the operation, and to what end. And why, Reed wonders as the ship lakes off, does the supervisor seem so hauntingly familiar?

Dismissing these thoughts, Reed turns his attention to the compu-screens. The supervisor reports to Dr. Doom that Reed is on his way. With a rasping laugh, Doom declares that Operation: Coronation is proceeding on schedule. It is time to return to Latveria, he says, where the destruction of the Fantastic Four will take place and where he will become the ruler of Earth. In space, Reed discovers that his ship's controls are all present so that he can make only a minor course alterations. His costume, which the supervisor returned to him, feels quite comfortable, like a second skin, even though it nas been a long time since he has worn it. As he monitors his trajectory, however, he remains unaware of a strange scarlet mist that envelops the ship and seeps into the cabin. Awaiting the moment when he must deploy the adjusting pods, he wonders why he and his teammates received superhuman powers from cosmic radiation but astronauts after them did not. Then he discovers a very slight course error that he corrects in time. When he disengages the equating pods, he muses, everything must be exactly as it was that day years ago. Otherwise, the cosmic rays could turn him into anything from a monster to a microbe.

Fortunately, the compu-screens register zero divergences and in a few seconds the pods position themselves correctly. It has taken years, thinks Reed, to prove his hunch that the cosmic rays that showered them then were slightly altered by heightened sunspot activity, a flaring of the Van Allen Belt, and an increase in neutron activity. If this chain of events is precisely recreated, then Mr Fantastic will live again. Tense, Reed switches on the Cosmic Ray Collector and waits. Suddenly he feels the rays slicing through him, and his head starts to pound with pain—exactly like before, he shouts. As the rays bombard the ship, his stretching power returns, and he quickly extends across the cabin to steer the ship out of the radiation before it becomes overpowering. Fighting the ray-induced lethargy, Reed squeezes the collector switch, and then he passes out. Unconscious, he does not see the other person in the ship with him, who entered as a scarlet vapor and was also irradiated. His atoms reintegrated, the Red Ghost—the Fantastic Four's mortal foe— materializes next to Reed. As Ben, Johnny, and Sue regain consciousness in Doom's Latverian castle, they see Doom at his piano playing a Wagner composition. Doom explains that Ben is held prisoner in a power compressor. The more energy he uses trying to escape, the harder the machine holds him then Doom orders his guards to bring in the 'artist," and when Alicia Masters enters, Ben becomes furious. Doom declares that she has not been harmed. She is a brilliant craftsman, and such people are welcome to roam the kingdom then Doom says that the Human Torch is trapped in a liquid prison that keeps him from using his flame, while Sue is imprisoned in a power dampener. Alicia tells Ben that Doom has promised their freedom once She completes work on Doom's statue.

Then Doom removes a cloth from the massive golden likeness of himself. Only the face remains incomplete, and Alicia must use her talent to sculpt it as it appeared before Doom's fateful accident. Doom removes his mask so Alicia can run her sensitive fingers over his face, and as she does, she remarks that she can feel that he is basically a good man whom circumstances have twisted into a man filled with hatred and suspicion. Doom says that she is mocking him and pushes her away. Then Sue asks him why he is going to such trouble to make the statue. He replies that he has ruled Latveria for many years, transforming his countrymen from peasants into a proud people. Later this week, because of the laws of Latveria, he must abdicate his throne in the Ceremony of Coronation. As the supervisor of Cynthian Associates enters the chamber, Doom says that the statue will be donated to the United Nations then Doom introduces the man to them and declares that the scepter of power will be turned over—to his son.

In outer space the Red Ghost congratulates the unconscious Reed for succeeding beyond anyone's wildest dreams. He exults that his powers are now greater than ever, and he will no longer need his unpredictable Super-Apes. Holding Reed's head, the Ghost recalls their early battles on the moon. Then he remembers his last battle, in which Iron Man used a Cosmitronic Cannon to disperse the Ghost's atoms throughout the galaxy. Fortunately, he says, he was able to draw his atoms together mentally. He circled the Earth as a scarlet mist, seeking the cosmic rays that would restore him. When he saw Reed's ship, he instantly divined its purpose. Not only did he regain his powers, but they have been considerably increased. But Reed revives as the Ghost is gloating and slams him with a massive, spiked fist. Incredulous, the Ghost staggers away and shoots a meteor-smasher at Reed, but Reed absorbs the missiles in his elastic body and snaps them back. The Ghost quickly turns intangible, so the missiles pass through him to explode against the bulkhead behind him. Their battle continues for some time, with the Ghost's intangibility power helping him avoid Reed's blows but hindering him from landing blows of his own. Finally, the Ghost realizes that he can make objects other than himself intangible and he dematerializes the floor below Reed. Reed slips through, and then the Ghost solidifies the floor, trapping Reed in between the shuttlecraft's levels. He gloats that the spaceship's orbit will soon decay and Reed will perish in the fiery re-entry.

In Latveria, Doom's "son" reports that control over the shuttle has been lost. Sensors have reported the presence of two life forms aboard, he continues, and the Ship is about to re-enter the atmosphere and burn up. Doom is furious. Alicia is shocked, and Reed's three teammates are horrified. Back in the spacecraft, Reed slowly works himself free of the atoms of the ship's flooring, hoping that the unstable molecular structure of his uniform will allow him to slip out. Fortunately, it is not long before his hands are liberated, and then the rest of his body follows. Just as the Red Ghost finishes blasting apart the ship's computers, Reed enters the chamber and punches him. The Ghost recovers and lures Reed into leaping through the airlock door, which he momentarily dematerializes. This traps Reed in the decompression chamber, and the Ghost declares that Reed will spend his last moments aboard the ship alone. Then he dematerializes himself and passes through the ship's hull into the vacuum outside. It is very cold inside the chamber, and Reed thinks it is ironic that he could freeze to death before the heat of re-entry incinerates him. Desperately, he feels around the walls for some way back to the control panels, and before long he discovers a hairline crack, evidently made when the Ghost used the meteor smasher missiles.

Now that his elasticity has been increased, he can actually squeeze through the incredibly thin orifice, and he manages to stretch to the control panel just in time. On Doom's monitor, however, all Doom and his prisoners can see is the burn-up of the ship. They do not see the small steel canister ejected instants before the blast, nor do they see the SHIELD helicopter pluck the tiny container out of the ocean moments later. Aboard the aircraft, Nick Fury congratulates Reed on getting his radio dispatch out in time. They located him perfectly, he says. Reed requests that Fury takes the Fantastic Four's pogo plane out of storage. He has finally figured out that Dr. Doom is behind everything, he says, and this time nothing will stop him from ending Doom's menace forever.