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Igopogo the legend of a mythical creature living in Lake Simcoe


The doubters were many. The stories of children, or from fishermen who may or may not have packed a bottle or two into their gear, were greeted by skepticism from the local folks.

They wanted to believe, but the tales of some sort of water monster gliding just beneath the waves of Kempenfelt Bay were just a bit too tall for most to swallow.

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Beginning in 1880, what had been only a small footnote in First Nations mythology suddenly became one of the most talked about subjects on Barrie street corners and in the local press.

The newspapers were conflicted as to how to cover the happenings, if they were happenings at all.

The people were keen to read all about any new developments in regards to the strange creature sightings, but the local editors were used to dealing in facts. There were few of those to be had.

The articles we…

Woman Claims That Bigfoot In North Carolina Loves Candy

WCNC Charlotte NC

A Shelby woman says she's seeing something very strange in the woods behind her home.

"Sometimes I think this can't be real," Vicky Cook said. "It went in front of my camera."

Vicky Cook's video is grainy, but her conscious is clear.

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"I screamed I didn't know what it was, but that thing was tall!" Cook shouted.

She says the Sasquatch sightings started back in March. Footprints are her proof.

"I think I've counted about eight different sized prints," said Cook. "This is a juvenile, but look at how long it is. That's a big ... big print."

For centuries now, trackers have been trying to trap the elusive creature. John Bruner documents sightings across the country and runs the Bigfoot 911 Facebook group.

"It was huge," Bruner said. "It was on two legs. It was bipedal. The hair on the head on …

Has a creature of legend made an appearance at Okanagan Lake?

From KOMO News

Has a lake legend been proven true?

New video footage taken earlier this month at Okanagan Lake might make you a believer.

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Loch Ness has it's monster...

The Northwest has Bigfoot...

And Kelowna, British Columbia has the Ogopogo.

Jim La Rocque swears he and his son spotted the creature earlier this month in Oganakan Lake.

“All I heard was a swooshing sound,” La Rocque tells Global News

He grabbed his cell phone, and began capturing video of what looks like seven fins coming up out of the water. That would be consistent with a gaggle of reported sightings of the serpent-like creature over the last two centuries.

The Four Faces Of Doctor Who

The Fourth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was portrayed by Tom Baker.

Within the series' narrative, the Doctor is a centuries-old Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels in time and space in his TARDIS, frequently with companions. At the end of life, the Doctor can regenerate his body; as a result, his physical appearance and personality change. Baker portrays the fourth such incarnation, a whimsical and sometimes brooding individual whose enormous personal warmth is at times tempered by his capacity for righteous anger.

His initial companion was intrepid journalist Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), who had traveled alongside him in his previous incarnation, and she is later joined by surgeon Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter). His later companions included robotic dog K9, savage alien warrior Leela (Louise Jameson), Time Lady Romana (Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward), alien teenage aristocrat Nyssa …

Retro Saturday Morning: The Quick Draw McGraw Show (1959-61)(Hanna-Barbera)

From Hanna-Barbera

The Quick Draw McGraw Show is the third cartoon television production created by Hanna-Barbera, starring an anthropomorphic cartoon horse named Quick Draw McGraw following their success with Ruff and Reddy and The Huckleberry Hound Show. The show debuted in syndication in the fall of 1959, sponsored by Kellogg's. Voice actor Daws Butler performed the lead character, Quick Draw. The series featured 3 cartoons per episode, one each by Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey, father and son dog duo Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, and cat and mouse detectives Snooper and Blabber.

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Michael Maltese crafted most of the episode stories. Screen Gems originally syndicated the series, followed later by Rhodes Productions, Taft H-B Program Sales, Worldvision Enterprises, then Turner Broadcasting, and now Warner Bros. Television (through their 1996 purchase of Turner). The series was previously air…

Vampirella & Red Sonja Tean Up In Historic First Ongoing Series!

From Dynamite Entertainment

Long overdue history in the making! Dynamite's two flagship heroines are teaming up in a new ongoing series starting in September, written by the multitalented and Eisner-winning Jordie Bellaire (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Redlands) with art by Drew Moss (Star Wars).

The story starts in 1969, the genesis of Vampirella - timed perfectly with her 50th Anniversary now being celebrated in 2019. Vampi's new to Earth and still adapting to our world. She finds herself attracted to the supernatural and paranormal mysteries of the world. When suddenly she runs across a young Red Sonja, plucked out of time and clueless. The two women set forth on an adventure, collaborating as both detectives and warriors to find out what has happened... only for more space-time shenanigans to befall them! Do not expect any cliché misunderstanding fights, these two Women of Dynamite are working together, no holds barred.

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Uncanny X-Men This is Forever

This is Forever: Part 2 - Written by Matthew Rosenberg. Art by Salvador Larroca. Cover By J Scott Campbell, After the devastating events of 'X-Men Disassembled,' it falls to Cyclops to rebuild the X-Men in the face of overwhelmi.g hatred. Thankfully, he's not the only X-Man to have just returned from oblivion. Scott and Logan are together again, and they are mutantkind's only hope. Writer Matthew Rosenberg and returning superstar X-Artist Salvador Larroca lead the X-Men into their darkest hour…and beyond!

Uncanny X-Men 12 Signed By J Scott Campbell "Rogue" Variant Cover April 2019 Marvel Comics Grade NM - Shop Now

Signed By J Scott Campbell
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1st printing.
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Jeffery Scott Campbell (born April 12, 1973) is an American com…

"The Plot to Assassinate Darth Vader" Reportedly Coming To Disney Plus

From We Got This Covered

While a lot of attention is being placed squarely on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – thanks in part to a spread featured in Vanity Fair– recent developments have shed some light on the future of the series on the small screen. Traditionally, its TV presence has been relegated mostly to The Clone Wars. Of course, the animated “interquel” will make a return on the Disney Plus streaming service, but now, it sounds like fans have a lot more to look forward to as well.

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We recently reported on a handful of programs that would be making their way to the House of Mouse’s upcoming video on demand platform, including a Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi series. But the fun doesn’t end there, as it looks like Lucasfilm is working on another brand new project which will place a heavy emphasis on time travel.

As one of our industry insiders revealed to us, the new show features a slate of new …

Star Trek Passage to Moauv

"Captain's log, stardate 5440. The USS Enterprise has been ordered to transport the pet waul of the Moauvian ambassador from Centaurus Base to his home world of Moauv. We are proceeding on course... as rapidly as possible."

Star Trek Book and Record Set #25N-1ST 1975 Peter Pan/Power Records Grade NM - Shop Now

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As Captain Kirk attempts to record his captain's log, he is constantly interrupted by the ambassador's waul, wailing and meowing like a cat. With the help of Yeoman Prentiss, Dr. McCoy takes the animal down to sickbay to house it with the exper…

Wonder Woman "Tomorrow Belongs to Me!"

Wonder Woman is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League. The character first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in October 1941 with her first feature in Sensation Comics #1, January 1942. The Wonder Woman title has been published by DC Comics almost continuously except for a brief hiatus in 1986. In her homeland, the island nation of Themyscira, her official title is Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta. She has no father, she was created by Zeus, which makes her a demigod. When blending into the society outside of her homeland, she adopts her civilian identity Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman #229 (1st Series 1942) March 1977 DC Comics Grade NM

$17.99 - Shop Now

Script by Martin Pasko, pencils by Jose Delbo, inks by Vince Colletta

"Tomorrow Belongs to Me!":
Wonder Woman battles the Nazis in World War II. Aquaman stars in a one-page Hostess ad, "That Dirty Beach." The news p…

New Legend Of Boggy Creek Poster Takes A Jab At Godzilla

Take a peak at the brand-new poster for The Legend of Boggy Creek that takes a stab at a certain giant Japanese monster that we all know and love.

I don't know that anyone would seriously call the “Fouke Monster” the true "King of the Monsters" so I don't think Godzilla has anything to worry about.

Well unless they decide to make a Godzilla vs Yetigar movie ... you will have to read the tenth issue of the old Godzilla series from Marvel Comics to get that joke.

Okay so the classic 1972 movie The Legend of Boggy Creek has gotten a new 4K restoration by the George Eastman Museum and is set to will premiere this weekend (June 14, 2019) at the Perot Theater in Texarkana, Texas.

Don't remember The Legend of Boggy Creek:

The Legend of Boggy Creek was conceived and directed by Arkansas native, Charles B. Pierce. The movie was released independently in 1972, where it initially played in sold-out theaters in the Arkansas and Louisiana areas. In 1973, it was picked up by …

If The Twilight Zone Was Southern

From It's A Southern Thing

Your next stop: The Cattywampus Zone

Since I just moved to the South I have to admit that things move ... well ... kinda slow down here.