New Images Of The Stone Monster And Costumes From 'Daimajin Kanon'

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Sources: KawaiiJoyuu / NewType The Live / Avery Guerra

Kadokawa Pictures is really pulling out all the stops for their upcoming television series, "Daimajin Kanon", which is based on the classic series of "Daimajin" films (Dai Majin, Dai Majin ikaru, Dai Majin gyakushu) produced by Daiei in the late 1960s. According to two brand-new articles in KawaiiJoyuu and NewType The Live, Kadokawa is pumping 1 billion yen into the series, which is far and above what is normally invested into a Japanese late-night fantasy television series of this type.

Kadokawa also took great care in selecting it's leading lady for the series, Rikuna Yuka, a 21-year-old college student, was selected out of about a thousand prospective actresses.

In the magazine article Yuka talked a little about her role as "Kanon" and revealed a bit of the shows plot, "In the dorama (a late-night TV drama aimed at an adult audience) Kanon is able to experience personal growth despite the cold-hearted and painful life in the city. Just like her I was able to learn a lot during the filming and think that I grew up a bit myself."

"This time the heroine will be a college student called Kanon who keeps on singing prayers that awake the giant god of war. Once again Daimajin will have to deal with a lot of bad guys."

There are always tons of 'bad guys' in these type of shows, aren't there? Just look at the "Ultraman", "Kaimen Rider", "Zone Fighter""Mirror Man"....."Ultra Q"....(Oh, you get the idea!) television series for example.

"Daimajin Kannon", as you may have already guessed, is a modern continuation of the first three films, which were set in Japan's feudalistic past.

It should be noted to those of you who have not seen the original "Daimajin" trilogy, that they are surprisingly good films, much better fair then Daiei's "Gamera" films, which were produced at about the same time.

Thant's not to say that "Gamera" movies are bad, you know I love them, but overall the Daimajin films were of a higher quality.

Along with these new articles came a whole new batch of photographs, most of which depict many of the elaborate costumes used for the show. Producer Shigenori Takatera's influences from his stint on "Kamen Rider Hibiki" can be seen in a lot of the costume designs featured here.

Of course, there are a couple good shots of the 20-meter-tall "Daimajin", actress Rikuna Yuka and the rest of the shows cast.

Now, you tell me, is that possibly the sexiest 'fish-girl' costume you've ever seen?

Check out the photos, actually scans of the magazine pages, below. If you are fluent in Japanese, you can probably learn more about "Daimajin Kanon" than from what I have written here:

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  1. Wow, this looks awesome! I just checked that trailer and it was amazing seeing shots of both the DAIMAJIN and GAMERA blu rays. Excellent news and post all around.


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